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work assigned to and done by a student during a course of study

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So to all those handing in course work - it has been worth it, and you will remember that work when what you learn the night before the exam has long faded.
While continuing education programs and course work are common ways of demonstrating a commitment to lifelong learning, there are other opportunities for the nurse to learn.
It was very useful in subjects like art where the course work takes a lot of time.
Students taking university course work in statistics were compared to students taking other education classes on measures of anxiety and academic self-efficacy.
Qualifications: Eligible candidates have successfully completed course work that includes contract analysis and case studies as well as a proctored exam for each course.
One particular type of innovation in the realm of HEM that will be explored more fully in the future is based on the creation of what some have termed the "instructional cycles" that use WebCT's "conditional release" features, and more importantly, the statistical analysis of online web-based tests and assignments (Chetty: 27-32) At some colleges and universities, faculty use these cycles to collect feedback created by student responses to online required course work.
When she put her course work together I had never seen anything like it before.
Previously, counselor education programs have only incorporated issues of diversity, and multiculturalism into existing graduate course work as subcategories.
Forsyth, who alleges sex discrimination and unfair dismissal, says a senior master asked her to help Harry with his AS-Level course work journal.
Because classes are delivered online, students have the flexibility to participate in course work as their schedules allow.
Regis University, among 11 degrees given in the state; do not require course work, according to the newspapers investigations.
In fact, information literacy transcends course content and can be developed through course work in all disciplines.
Accreditation allows legitimate course work credits to be transferred from one institution to the next and legitimizes your degree.
In fact, I was not in New York during the years of its preparation; I completed all of my doctoral course work at the University of Pennsylvania, and remained in Philadelphia after receiving my degree in 1970 until I moved to New York in 1976.