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work assigned to and done by a student during a course of study

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Course work requirements vary in content and quantity.
Typically, most other LIS programs rely on the adjunct services of local practitioners to teach a course or two which focuses on the bibliography of and/ or the management of medical libraries, while twenty-three of the fifty-seven accredited LIS programs simply do not offer any course work or specialization in health information at all.
Leidel says the course work, whatever the subject, is dynamic and contemporary.
ONE of Coventry's top performing private schools is dropping GCSE maths in favour of the exam-only International GCSE in a bid to cut out course work.
In Nevada, the Nevada Reading Excellence Act paid for the course work and training of two literacy specialists for each school that qualified for funding under the requirements of the grant.
earning certificates n administration and management along with completing course work in English as a second language, passing with distinction.
May 2005 in Boston, ACPE will integrate the ideas, innovations and real-life experiences of our members into the course work of the Spring Institute and Annual Meeting
A STUDENT was robbed of her lap top and course work when she was attacked in the street.
For the past two summers, Haft has traveled to the Milwaukee campus for a mandatory six weeks of course work plus an extra week of intensive dance instruction.
Financial executive Stan Harder, who is pursuing an MBA through Private College, completed 10 hours of course work ($150 per hour) required for his degree.
To earn the CFE designation, candidates must attend IFA-sponsored educational seminars and complete extensive course work.
A Midland school has criticised an examining board after vital exam course work went missing due to a mix-up over addresses.
In addition to insurance courses covering personal-lines and commercial-lines products, the program will provide tracking of course work, reporting of grades and an online proctoring system.
A SCHOOL pupil who stole a fellow student's course work was given a let-off yesterday after it emerged that the pupil had passed her exams.
The cases and the seminars are important, but in the long run all of us who teach accounting must find ways to work the ethical dimension into all course work.