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Synonyms for coupon



Synonyms for coupon

a negotiable certificate that can be detached and redeemed as needed

a test sample of some substance

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We distribute digital coupons and media through a variety of products, including: digital printable coupons, digital paperless coupons, coupon codes, and card linked offers.
Instead of being manipulated by manufacturers and marketers into buying things they don't need, they thrive on using coupons to their own advantage.
The interactive marketing services company, based in Chicago, helps manufacturers and retailers deliver electronic coupons.
Catalina has installed personal computers in each retail store as well as thermal printers near the checkout scanners that it uses to produce either a coupon or an advertising message.
Retailers that use store coupons to stimulate sales should review their accruals or reserves to ensure that the requirements are met for deductions that are taken.
But in fact, coupons are not a very cost-effective way of reaching new customers.
Brandcaster is a self-service platform that allows publishers and marketers (and now retailers) to publish coupons on their sites with minimal time and effort and without programming knowledge.
During the last several years, virtually every major consumer products company, including giants like General Mills and Philip Morris, have steadily sliced the number of discount coupons offered on their brands.
com planned to visit a grocery store within 2 days of printing coupons or saving them to a loyalty card, and in fact 43 percent planned to shop within the next 24 hours.
Even the tagline brings about a smile as new members read: "99% of our members LOVE our 99% off coupons.
To offer secure, printable coupons in Facebook, brands previously worked with web developers to program within Facebook, and marketing agencies to implement the workflow and design - a time intensive and cumbersome process.
This combination delivers a best-in-class service for consumers and merchants wanting to take advantage of this emerging medium of digital coupons for saving on card purchases, primarily for in-store transactions, which still make up more than 90 percent of U.
Couponstar will rebrand to operate in the UK and Europe as Coupons.
Fixed-income securities with large coupons tend to be affected to a lesser extent by interest rate changes than are low-coupon securities.
Shoppers Save In-store with "Show & Save" Coupons for Dozens of Top National Retailers