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Synonyms for coupon



Synonyms for coupon

a negotiable certificate that can be detached and redeemed as needed

a test sample of some substance

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The challenges and the financial impact of fraud associated with PA H coupons are increasing," affirms Bud Miller, executive director of the Coupon Information Center (CIC), pointing out three general categories of fraudulent activities associated with PAH coupons:
The team behind iPrice Coupons is constantly striving for the most recent coupon or voucher code for each shop on their platform.
In addition, the report found that the average face value of CPG coupons distributed in 2010 increased 6.
While newspapers are still the more major source of coupons, the Internet has succeeded in distributing coupons to 15 percent of consumers.
Instead of being manipulated by manufacturers and marketers into buying things they don't need, they thrive on using coupons to their own advantage.
The interactive marketing services company, based in Chicago, helps manufacturers and retailers deliver electronic coupons.
Struggling to emerge from his father's considerable shadow, Grozier saw Ponzi as his own version of the International Reply Coupon, a clever shortcut to his ultimate goal of turning the Post into Boston's preeminent newspaper.
Catalina has installed personal computers in each retail store as well as thermal printers near the checkout scanners that it uses to produce either a coupon or an advertising message.
Coupons mailed with billing statements to store credit card customers entitling them to free merchandise or a gift might also qualify.
In addition, if shoppers are concerned with only the mere use of rather than the face value of cents-off coupons when redeeming them, the coefficient in the test model is expected to be insignificant.
Duration incorporates both coupon size and maturity length in approximating the degree to which a bond's market price will be affected by interest rate changes.
While the core coupons will continue to remain free on Coupons.
Companies are looking to coupons and other pricing mechanisms to revive flagging sales.
Related E&P story: Boodle VP Responds to SAGE Advice Column About Online Coupons
Just $6 a week in coupons saves Brown around $312 in a year's time.