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Synonyms for couplet

two items of the same kind together

Synonyms for couplet

a stanza consisting of two successive lines of verse

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Emirati poet Dr Zubair Farooq will also recite few of his Urdu couplets at the event.
Graham, married to Trudy for 22 years, likes to freshen his poems up with couplets penned at home and make them relevant to the stations his trains pass through.
Examining several words for the drink in Ferdowsi's Shahnameh, the present study aims to improve the literary understanding, and paying attention to these words and their repetition in other literatures and their different meanings in the couplets of Shahnameh.
He "packed the utmost amount of skill and significance into the parallel couplets, using them not, as earlier writers had done, to display a series of essentially static tableaux, but to propel the poem forward by putting it through a succession of highly disciplined maneuvers.
His forthcoming publications are A Selection of Urdu Ash'ar and Selected Couplets of Hafiz.
The text is written in rhyming couplets and would suit readers 5-7years.
In Hallucination, gnarled couplets and quatrains predominate, and even the poised sentences of the book's several pieces in prose threaten to "flake apart," in the piquant phrase of "For Dally Kimoko.
Likewise, five couplets of Ghalib's ghazal were critically appraised and discussed individually.
Distressed to witness the plundering of his beloved Delhi, he vented his feelings through some of his couplets.
Plus fidele que jamais a sa reputation d'artiste iconoclaste, le Britannique a propose un programme melant Bach et Vivaldi a ses propres compositions et a du bon jazz, pour finir avec deux couplets de musique traditionnelle hongroise et ecossaise du plus bel effet.
of the couplets to depict as a frozen moment/tableau.
That's because the film - which is set during a salesmen's seminar when some truths are revealed - is hamstrung by being spoken in rhyming couplets.
15, 84 mins) Written entirely in rhyming couplets, Acts of Godfrey is a low-budget British comedy that charts the vacillations of an alarm salesman who is unlucky in love and unlucky in life.
UNESCO said the "the lively, impromptu oral poetry known as Tsiattista is often performed to the accompaniment of violin or lute in 'jousts' in which one poet-singer attempts to outdo another with clever verses made up of rhyming couplets.
Kenney's text and he uses rhyming couplets and the pentameter form.