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a mechanical device that serves to connect the ends of adjacent objects

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Redesigned medium wheel loader-based machine provides improved lines of sight to the quick coupler and work tools
Couplers can be coated and / or embedded with therapeutic materials to positively affect healing at the anastomosis site,
Schaefer says the ability of backhoes to be equipped with front and rear couplers lets the machine accomplish a number of diverse tasks with a store of attachments, including forks, scrap grapples and brooms on the front and hammers, thumbs, rippers and buckets on the back.
There wasn't a safety problem, but we realized that if we switched to Parker Hannifin Tool-Mate couplers we could also eliminate any potential for hose whip during tool disconnection.
They will build inventories and order a lot of bolsters, sideframe, coupler and wheel castings, and then freight car production can come to a screeching halt.
Backed by Saint-Gobain's heritage of over 300 years of innovation and excellence, Sanitary Couplers creates products that solve our customers' most demanding problems; products that endure the most challenging environments and rigorous usage.
New design improvements are said to reduce wear and provide more reliable and positive coupler operation.
But Glynwed's world dominance in electrofusion couplers is what will drive its growth in the huge US market and what makes it an attractive long-term investment.
Each package contains four 5-mm sliding stay hooks and two 16-inch elastic couplers in a bagged presentation tray packed inside a Tyvek(R) peel-pouch.
Acoustic couplers will accomplish this, too--and let you get around some problems with international plugs and jacks.
Bearing-type coolant couplers, used as the primary coolant delivery source for many years, are not meeting that demand.
AVX's ITF High-Directivity LGA Couplers feature an inherently low profile, excellent solderability, self-alignment during reflow, efficient heat dissipation, and a power rating of 3W.
WR-42 through WR-10 Waveguide Couplers Operating Up to 110 GHz Now Available from Pasternack