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a car with two doors and front seats and a luggage compartment

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All new Civic Coupes, from the well-equipped LX to the new line-topping Touring, feature upgraded interiors and an expanded list of standard and available technologies and features.
2016 Civic Coupe set to launch this winter as the latest addition to Honda's expansive and sporty new 10th-generation Civic lineup
The GLE Coupe is the new addition to the successful portfolio of Mercedes-Benz coupes.
THERE is little doubt that coupes always tend to look that much sleeker than four-door hatches or saloons.
Launched earlier in 2013, the designers of the BMW M6 Gran Coupe say it represents the ultimate in four-door high-performance sports coupes.
And I reckon you'll see quite a few 6-Series Gran Coupes on the road, too, because it's a great-looking car.
We've tried the diesel and range-topping JCW coupes, and although the former is economical, the performance version suits best.
We have just tried the diesel and range topping JCW coupes and although the former is good and economical it is the performance version which suits best.
The newcomer is in the same vein as the current crop of Mercedes good lookers which include the new CLS and CL super coupes.
The newcomer is in the same vein as the current crop of Mercedes good lookers, which includes the new CLS and CL super coupes.
The order book opens next month for the new coupes, which reach showrooms on January 2.
The new packaging of the coupes was brought to life in the form of sleeved k2 cups.
As a result, BMW UK expects to sell approximately 1,000 Z4 Coupes in 2006, of which approximately 200 are expected to be the high-performance M variant.
Faisal Hakki I can count the number of coupes offered by mainstream manufacturers on one hand.
Coupes, for some, are the ultimate in fashion-victim cars.