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French composer of music for organ and a member of a family of distinguished organists (1668-1733)

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Lemmon suggests that "Couperin" is Francois Couperin.
Bach (Versuch u'ber die wahre Art das Clavier zu spielen, 1753/1762), Francois Couperin (L'art de toucher le clavecin, 1716 and 1717), Johann Nicolaus Forkel (Uber Johann Sebastian Bachs Leben, Kunst, und Kunstwerke, 1802), Friedrich Wilhelm Marpurg (Die Kunst das Clavier zu spielen, 1750/1755), Johann Joachim Quantz (Versuch einer Anweisung die Flote traversiere zu spielen, 1752), and Jean-Philippe Rameau (Dissertation, 1732); she also includes material on well-known performers: Johann Sebastian Bach, Jacques Champion de Chambonnieres, Louis Couperin, and Johann Jacob Froberger.
Francois Couperin (1668-1733) was harpsichord teacher to the royal children and left many religious musical masterpieces including two organ Masses and his legendary lecons de tenebres.
It also takes into account new editions of music and the availability of works by Louis Couperin, Melchior Schildt, and the Neumeister Chorales.
Chris is giving a harpsichord recital in the Unitarian Chapel in Warwick's High Street on Wednesday with music by Bach, Louis Couperin, Farnaby and Frescobaldi.
This tradition had previously manifested itself in Faure's rapturously pagan song cycles, in the glossy passagework of Saint-Saens's piano concertos, and first of all in those gorgeous harpsichord acrobatics that the early 18th century's Francois Couperin and Jean-Philippe Rameau had brought to the highest imaginative pitch.
For sure, no other label would have had me do three CDs of Couperin on the piano.
In Brinkburn Priory this Sunday, July 10, Iestyn will be joined by Ensemble Guadagni for performances of the first and second Leons de Tnbres for Holy Week by Couperin, based on the lamentations of Jeremiah, and Jubilate Domino, a Baroque cantata by the 17th Century Danish composer Buxtehude.
This is a programme of French music as it would have been played in Versailles and includes works by Rameau, Rebel, Leclair, Morel, Couperin and Marais.
Mae'r rhain yn cynnwys 'Jerusalem' gan Couperin, 'Ah je veux vivre' o Romeo and Juliet gan Gounod, a 'Je dis que rien ne m'epouvante' o Carmen gan Bizet.
It was too early to call to set an appointment, too early to deal with that office's feckless secretaries, too early to be in a bad mood, and now the kettle's harmonica whistle began to hum, giving the harpsichord picking out the beautiful Couperin some competition.
She played four movements of Maurice Ravel's Le Tombeau de Couperin, a surprisingly light-hearted work given that it was dedicated to the memory of Ravel's friends who died in World War I.
Anthony will be performing a piece by Jonathan Harvey called Tombeau de Messian, Tombeau de Couperin by Ravel and the entire Op 10 by Chopin.
How would her companion like that, with his Mahler and Couperin, his Russian novels?
Mozartiana, Le Tombeau de Couperin, Divertimento from Le Baiser de la Fee--a lovely program, I think most would agree.