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French composer of music for organ and a member of a family of distinguished organists (1668-1733)

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That was clear in ``Le Tombeau de Couperin,'' Ravel's ever-fresh nod to France's musical past, with Temirkanov eliciting lush, transparent, shimmering playing from the Philharmonic, especially the woodwinds.
While students learned about the style differences from each period, they listened to corresponding music chosen by our music teacher, including selections from Jean Baptiste Lully, Francois Couperin, and Frederick Chopin.
Delabit Claude Brasseur Lucie Marianne Denicourt Lambert Jean-Claude Adelin Couperin Jacques Bonnaffe Vignault Didier Bezace Col.
It was identified by Moroney as being the work of Marc Roger Normand (1663-1734), the son of Louis Couperin's sister Elisabeth and the cousin of Francois Couperin le Grand.
La primera y mas evidente es la que se sustenta en un aprovechamiento formal de los lienzos sonoros de tres pilares de la musica barroca: Antonio Vivaldi, Johan Sebastian Bach y Louis Couperin.
Louis Couperin has so far been best known as the composer of a substantial quantity of harpsichord music; at least since Paul Brunold's edition of 1936, based largely on the contents of the Bauyn manuscript, his place within the claveciniste tradition has been secure.
Still, it would have been easy to miss the mosaic of conceits on manners and gesture in dancing in the Couperin piece, as winsome as a portrait by Watteau, because the brilliant jokes were sometimes embodied in a clownish guise and because the saddest moments popped out from the most bumptious steps.
PHILADELPHIA -- The first concert of the School's Centennial Year will feature Distinguished Alumni Judith LeClair, Principal Bassoon of the New York Philharmonic and internationally recognized pianist Jerome (Jerry) Lowenthal performing works by Saint-Saens (Sonata for bassoon and piano), Ravel (Tombeau de Couperin, solo piano), Milhaud (three Saudades do Brazil, solo piano) Roger Boutry (Interferences 1, bassoon and piano) and Milde (Andante and Rondo, bassoon and piano).
His debut CD, Variations on a theme by Scarlatti -- a 65-minute programme of pieces from Couperin to Boulez which relate to Scarlatti's Sonata K.
The whole wind section were terrific as they had been in Ravel's Le Tombeau de Couperin with Rainer Gibbons' oboe playing always beguiling.
Bach fans will enjoy the Goldfish Ensemble's concert of works by the great composer and his contemporary Couperin.
Vm7 674-675 [Geneva: Minkoff, 1998], corrected reprint of the Minkoff 1977 facsimile), and the identification of the arms of Andre Bauyn de Bersan and Suzanne de Ferriere (Damian Vaisse, "Du nouveau sur le manuscrit Bauyn: Une famille parisienne et le clavecin aux XVIIe et XVIIIe siecles," Revuefrancaise d'heraldique et de sigillographie 71-72 [2001-2002]: 39-53) have led Gustafson and others to believe that the majority of the contents were copied into the source twenty or possibly thirty years after their creation (Louis Couperin died in 1661).
March 7: Barbara Baird, organist at First Congregational Church and on the harpsichord faculty at the UO, playing Girolamo Frescobaldi, Franois Couperin, J.
The concerto was paired with Ravel's Le Tombeau de Couperin, given a warm, sweet-toned performance by the Phil under conductor Darrell Ang, a spot of take-it-orleave-it Hindemith, and Shostakovich's Ninth Symphony.
It concentrates on the development of la douceur du toucher, a term coined by Francois Couperin, which the author translates as "the sweetness of touch," that is, playing in a gentle, delicate, and suave manner.