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a car with two doors and front seats and a luggage compartment

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It was a beautiful sunny day and we had been couped up in a restaurant for a couple of hours, so we went for a walk in the square," she said.
Couped up in a cell for five years yet still believing the election is a lock, he's loaded with ideas on how to obtain a Palestinian state, peacefully or violently.
The Manchester City ace has been couped up in a city centre hotel since arriving at Eastlands from Real Madrid in August.
They shunned rumours they were at loggerheads as a result of being couped up together for the last few months.
We've all been couped up inside ready to play,'' said MacKechnie, who assisted on both Oaks Christian goals.
Alternatively, the light source could be modulated, and the detectors could be AC couped to the amplifiers.
You are couped up for a lot of the time, so it's important to have some-thing to occupy your time away from the rugby.
We get on really well, so I don't have any worries about being couped up in a car with him for five weeks, but we are both quite stubborn so there could be some disagreements.
But the contestants have by no means been couped up despite having to run the gauntlet of hundreds of teenage fans in the hotel foyer.
Personally, I would never do a show like Big Brother where you are couped up in a house with people.
Now I have to take the train to training because travelling couped up in a car leaves me in agony.
If you don't like having to stay couped up in the house in the bleak midwinter, why not get the red blood cells pumping by taking snow boarding lessons?
There was an Orange lodge based at the Woolpack in Moor Street and just across the road some 11,000 Irish Catholics, couped up in the streets off Digbeth.
After being couped up in a kennel, Max soon took to the open space and lots of walks with the Phillips family.