coup de grace

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Synonyms for coup de grace

final blow


Synonyms for coup de grace

the blow that kills (usually mercifully)

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In fact, one team, realising they were about to win on count back, decided in the final picture round that Seb Sanders was really David Casey, Sam Thomas was capable of doing a great impersonation of Ryan Moore and - the coup de gras - convinced themselves David Graveney was definitely Tony Blackburn, thereby ensuring a home win and keeping mine host happy and the Post's journalist from being lost in Cotswold despair.
Delivering the coup de gras, they said that opening an account and paying by monthly instalment would be the cheapest option.
Stories from dealers and artists have already been chronicled for the film in New York City and Chicago, and filmmakers kontent>real hope that NAMM will serve as the coup de gras to what they expect to be a groundbreaking and entertaining piece.
It was only in the 58th minute that the home side could relax a little when forward Michael Tasker struck the close range coup de gras.
Its coup de gras goes beyond its looks though, for it can become almost a complete open top.
The coup de gras was the promotional and advertising budgets that big competitors could spend.
The President's 11th hour edict served as a fitting coup de gras to a spectacular weekend benefiting over 140 local non-profit organizations.
As a final coup de gras, the ducks place a net over the fox, and he is lifted and carried far away from the calm little lake and forest by a flock of wild geese.