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between ourselves


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He said: "That was another instantaneous coup de foudre.
We are incredibly excited to help our clients select the right foundation to wear underneath their inaugural gowns," says Valerie Lucas, owner of Coup de Foudre Lingerie and bra-fitting expert.
This spot was truly a coup de foudre (lure at first sight)," says Sikorsky, of the spacious arcaded rooms of what was once an art gallery and later a wine store.
Christian Dior have a nice new powder bluish Coup de Foudre Loose Powder Blush in No825, pounds 16, or try Clinique Rich Texture Blush in Rich Plum, pounds 16.
Here, a Canon a paroles (Word cannon), 2001; there, a Fauteuil a coup de foudre (Lovestruck lightning chair), 2001, or a Starting block a chute (Starting block for a fall), 2001.
counterparts, YTVI has ventured out into that avenue, acquiring the English-speaking rights to Coup de Foudre (Love at First Sight) series of 28 half-hour "magical romances," co-produced with Telecip in France and filmed in various countries.
Antica Napa Valley - Antinori Family Wine Estate, Ashe Family Vineyards, Benessere, Bennett Lane, Ceja Vineyards, Chappellet Winery and Vineyard, Coho, Conn Creek Winery, Coup De Foudre Winery, Cuvaison Estate Wines, Dutch Henry Winery, Emblem Wines, Fantesca Estate & Winery, Fiftyrow Vineyards, Hestan Vineyards, Honig Station, Neal Family Vineyards, Oberon Wines, Pahlmeyer, Pine Ridge Vineyards, Renteria Estate, Reynolds Family Winery, Rombauer Vineyards, Schramsberg Vineyards, Signorello Vineyard, Spring Mountain Vineyard, St.
Je porte l'Algerie dans mon cœur, j'ai vraiment eu un coup de foudre pour ce pays et pour l'accueil chaleureux des Algeriens.
Veritable coup de foudre pour le Sporting Anderlecht (1ere div.
There's scant character development and it's all rather melodramatic and, well, French, with its coup de foudre and crime passionnel.
Abdellah, the first-person narrator, traces memories of his Moroccan childhood and adolescence: circumcision at the age of six, first love for Sanaa (a girl at school), the death of his grandfather, kung-fu films, a constipated uncle, a high-school coup de foudre for Oussama (the brightest boy in the class), and the habitual visit to the hammam.
For both, it was a true coup de foudre and ended with Fiennes, now 35 to her 53, leaving his actress wife Alex Kingston, while Annis finally walked out of her 23- year relationship with photographer Patrick Wiseman, the father of her three children.
A cette epoque, Pele et Maradona (vainqueurs de coupes du monde) ont quelque peu snobe ce trophee continental qui aura profite, dans un long coup de foudre, a l'Uruguay, en quinze coups d'etreinte.
La cinematheque d'Oran donne rendez-vous a son public pour d'autres titres a succes tels [beaucoup moins que] Coup de foudre a Notting Hill [beaucoup plus grand que] (1999) de Roger Michell, [beaucoup moins que] Une bouteille a la mer [beaucoup plus grand que] (1999) de Luis Mandoki, [beaucoup moins que] Siraphim Falls [beaucoup plus grand que] (2005) de David Von Ancken, [beaucoup moins que] Le roi Arthur [beaucoup plus grand que] (2004) d'Antoine Fuqua, [beaucoup moins que] Open Range [beaucoup plus grand que] (2003) de Kevin Kostner, et [beaucoup moins que] 300 [beaucoup plus grand que] de Zack Snyder (2006).
Ainsi, a la lecture de ses romans, un coup de foudre semble frapper Marcel de plein fouet, le mettant indeniablement sous le charme d'une ecriture singuliere ou fleurissent ca et la [beaucoup moins que]les expressions rareset presque archaiques[beaucoup plus grand que] ( Du cote de chez Swan , p138), ou s'exprime haut et fort [beaucoup moins que]une philosophie nouvelle par de merveilleuses images.