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the town or city that is the seat of government for a shire

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Even on the plains, bandits found their domicile near rivers, for example "in the Quanzi tract, about twenty kilometers from the county seat .
40) In Hulan, when the Russians occupied the county seat, Liu Zhentang gathered more than 300 locals and pillaged settlers.
In 1913, the Hulin county seat was pillaged and all of the official cash was seized.
Daili Bolixian zhishi Zhang Baoshu zeqiqianshucheng" [Report of Acting Governor of Boli Zhang Baoshu concerning the Date of the County Seat Move] (October 30, 1919), HS, 646.
Heilongjiang caizhengtingzhang Zhang Xinggui, Suilandao daoyin Song Wenyu yifu Dongxingzhen yiyushezhicheng" [Report of Heilongjiang Finance Minister Zhang Xinggui and Suilan Prefecture Governor Song Wenyu in regard to Establishment of a County Seat at Dongxing Town] (December 29, 1926), HS, 411.
Also, "Datong xian weibao qianyi xianshu riqicheng" [Report of Datong County concerning the Date of the County Seat Move] (March 25, 1914), HS, 420.
With these broad categories and orientations in mind, it's time to examine the county seats and special towns of Great Plains Montana for their geographic character and personality.
But public schools are actually part of county administration, so the two together are almost certain to be the largest employer - a vitally important fact of economic life in county seats.
There is a strong contrast between the early county seats and those that came later.
In standard classifications of towns and cities according to their functions, nearly all of the county seats in Great Plains Montana would fall in the same category: retail service center.
Closer to the Rockies are three smaller county seats.
It is the smallest of the Yellowstone county seats and the third smallest of Great Plains Montana.
Custer Country's two sutland county seats are Red Lodge and Hardin.
Among the three Musselshell county seats, Roundup (1,808) differs from the others by virtue of having been affected by coal mining and logging in the wooded Bull Mountains (actually hills) to the south.
Glasgow (3,572) has declined more than the other three county seats of this sutland, largely due to the 1970s closure of Glasgow Air Force Base and the failure until recently to convert this former military installation to other uses.
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