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an agricultural county of eastern England on the North Sea

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Lincoln Cathedral sits on a limestone ridge (the Jurassic Cliff) that cuts straight across the county of Lincolnshire and then heads off towards the Cotswolds.
Driving just over 100mph on a deserted motorway at night delivering organs for transplant is also acceptable to you and I ,just not to the police and Crown Prosecution Service in the delightful county of Lincolnshire.
Police in her home county of Lincolnshire have a dossier of malicious complaints and nuisance calls made by Milroy-Sloan going back to 1994.
These two very different factories give just the briefest idea of the range of food companies to be found in the county of Lincolnshire.
The territory includes the whole, sprawling county of Lincolnshire and takes in sections of the adjoining counties.
6MW ABB generators that provide enough electricity for half the homes in the county of Lincolnshire.