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a historical area of northwestern England on the Irish Sea

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The Whitchurch magistrates spent four hours yesterday over a case in which Richard Moyle, a large farmer, near Whitchurch, was charged with cruely ill-treating and neglecting George Hilton, said to be about 16, who had been taken by Moyle from the Bolton and County of Lancaster Industrial School.
Funding for the following projects was approved: Berks County Amount Type of Recipient's Name Awarded Award Berks County $250,000 COP Bucks County Amount Type of Recipient's Name Awarded Award American Red Cross, Lower Bucks County Chapter $10,000 NAP Bristol Township $500,000 HOME Quakertown Borough $45,000 New Communities Chester County Amount Type of Recipient's Name Awarded Award Coatesville City $20,000 New Communities Lancaster County Recipient's Name Amount Awarded Type of Award Boys & Girls Club of Lancaster $72,920 NAP HDC3 Corporation $150,000 NAP Inner City Group $100,000 NAP/CSP Redevelopment Authority of the County of Lancaster $200,000 COP South East Lancaster Health Services Inc.
0 are the City of Lincoln, NE and the County of Lancaster, NE, mid-sized municipalities with a high-level of processing complexities and union rules.
The County of Lancaster, Lancaster, Pennsylvania is seeking proposals for: Providing a Consultant - Psychologist for the Lancaster County Office of Aging.
unit has entered into a formal agreement with the County of Lancaster, Pennsylvania to deploy M/A-COM's OpenSky(R) Wireless Private Network to fulfill the County's public safety communication needs.