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a county in southeastern England on the English Channel

United States painter noted for his woodcuts (1882-1971)

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HM King Hamad then attended a lunch banquet hosted British Parliamentary Under Secretary of State and Personal Representative of Her Majesty the Queen to the County of Kent Lord Astor of Hever DL marking his visit to The British Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment (HCMR).
00 Kent's Castles & Gardens Departs 23 May 2013 The county of Kent and the Garden of England has more stately homes, castles and gardens open to the public than any other region in Britain.
3 percent, don't know that Canterbury, home to the world famous Canterbury Cathedral, is based in the county of Kent.
Unrest was also reported by the police in several other cities, including Liverpool, Nottingham and Bristol, as well as in three towns in the county of Kent, Southeast of the capital.
Normally based at Shorncliffe in his home county of Kent, Sergeant Major Grant was in Northern Ireland because of the week-long dissident bomb scare.
The Sergeant Major, normally based at Shorncliffe in his home county of Kent, is in Northern Ireland providing short term cover and became involved in the week-long operation to defuse the huge device planted by dissident republicans on the South Armagh border.
I once wrote to the Guinness Book of Records to say my brother and I once sat on a grassy bank in our home county of Kent.
QUIZ CHALLENGE: 1 The Ipcress File; 2 The M5; 3 Mars; 4 Providence; 5 The county of Kent.
Aside from Annemarie Speetjens's contribution, the essays focus on the county of Kent, a region usually seen as relatively religiously homogenous and long known for being "the most responsive in England to evangelical reform and the most precociously Protestant" (14).
Q: In Britain reflecting its production of fruit and vegetables the county of Kent is sometimes called the what of England?
Contestants are given a series of clues which they have to solve to lead them on a trail across the county of Kent to find the "treasure" - a maximum prize of pounds 2000.
Knight CBE QFSM, and was chaired by the very highly respected former Chief Fire Officer of the County of Kent.
This ambitious book is the masterwork of a distinguished English agrarian historian, written from (and influenced by) her retirement in the agriculturally diverse southeastern county of Kent.
Canterbury, about 60 miles east of London in the county of Kent, has been a tourist destination for 800 years.