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a county in southwestern England in the lower Severn valley

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This change resulted in the squadron becoming known as County of Gloucester, having previously been known as City of Bristol.
It reads: "Richard Eaves of Sarehole in the Parish of Yardley in the County of Worcester, grants to Richard Horsman the Elder of Campden in the County of Gloucester, fruiterer for pounds 800 all that Water Corn Mill with the Appurtenances called by the Name of Biddles Mill otherwise the little Mill which said Mill .
The County of Gloucester is proposing to issue the 2016 Refunding Bonds to advance refund all or a portion of the County%s outstanding callable Bonds: (i) originally issued $29,927,000 General Obligation Bonds, Series 2006; and (ii) originally issued $39,990,000 General Obligation Bonds, Series 2009.
The County of Gloucester is requesting proposals from qualified individuals and firms to provide Engineering and Housing Inspections for Owner Occupied Rehabilitation Programs funded by CDBG and HOME Investment Partnership Programs.
Specifications And Proposal Form For The Providing Of Internet Services For The County Of Gloucester Department Of Information Technology And 911 Communications And Existing Units Within The County As Allowed Through The County Contract Purchasing System Numbers Ck-01-Gc & 16glcp