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a county in southwestern England


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red dual-purpose cattle of English origin

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Totnes, in the county of Devon, in southern England, is home to about 8,000 people.
It started with a sell-out gig at Maidenhead's Norden Farm Arts Centre and ends with a sold out RNLI fundraiser in their home county of Devon.
York were down in Exeter's home county of Devon on Friday night for the first leg of their FA Trophy semi-final against Torquay.
A new project has been launched in the UK that seeks to bring high speed broadband technology to the county of Devon for use by businesses.
In Exeter in the county of Devon in the year of our Lord 1195, someone has taken on the Lord's work by bumping off the city's sinners.
1) Tristram Risdon, The Chorographical Description, or Survey, of the County of Devon, with the City and County of Exeter, etc.
The mill is located in Hele, near Exeter in the county of Devon, England.