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the government of a local area

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Apart from denying the county government the revenue required to provide much needed services to our people, it is also against the county laws to fail to register any property," Nyale told journalists on Friday.
The Changhua County government imposed the fine on the FCFC last November after an ongoing assessment into the plant's operations found that it was making illegal profits by using cheaper bituminous coal with a higher sulfur content for its power generation.
Prince George's County Government aggressively improving its ranking for three consecutive years, is evidence of our commitment in using technology to enhance government services and as a result assisted in providing a great quality of life for our citizens," Johnson said.
In Connecticut, Rhode Island, and parts of Massachusetts, county government has been abolished, and the term county designates boundaries for such state-level functions as park districts (Connecticut) or judicial districts (Massachusetts).
132) When the Boli County government was established in 1917, the administrative town of each of its several districts was made responsible for an area of roughly twenty square kilometers.
We want to consolidate this area, along with the rest of county government, to increase efficiency and minimize waste," he said.
Spending in three categories (total, developmental, and redistributive) was higher for the two types of "reformed" county governments (that is, commission-elected executive and commission-administrator) than for the "unreformed" or traditional form of county government (board of commissioners with no executive head).
In line with the conventional literature, the authors find that the county government was not so much bound to the hierarchical political system as it is tethered to it.
The default pushed Middlesex County and all counties in Massachusetts into a new arena, one where receivership, state intervention, or the abolition of county government were to become recurring threats.
In a suit filed against the Nairobi County government and its governor Mike Sonko, Mr Njagua claimed that the ban may result to more harm than good since boda boda riders will be rendered jobless.
4 million in value, to boost the traditionally low tourist season during the archipelago's winter months have been taken, much faster than the county government expected.
Address : Wicomico County Government Wicomico County Government Purchasing 125 N.
The CAO job might pay well, but it has serious drawbacks -- like being the fall guy for all that goes wrong in county government, without having the power to fix it.
The activities of the county government consisted of little more than recording and validating contracts and deeds and administering a very few public roads.
If the plans for the Nassau County Government Center are passed, it will take another three to four years for the facility to be completed.
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