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the government of a local area

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But Armfield said the MTA is much smaller than county government and does not have to deal with public-safety agencies - the county Sheriff's Department and county Fire Department - which generate the majority of the workers' compensation claims.
The blame for this exponential growth in welfare payrolls does not lie exclusively with county governments.
Help for veterans and their dependents and survivors is just a phone call away, said Rucker who suggested veterans and their families refer to the telephone directory white pages in the county government listing for the nearest veterans service office.
LA CONCHITA - La Conchita residents have filed 150 claims, totaling at least $5 million, saying Ventura County government failed to safeguard them from the hillside that crashed down on the seaside hamlet where 10 people were killed in January.
Howard County Government, Bureau of Facilities Training Conference Room, Dorsey Building, 9250 Bendix Road, Columbia, MD 21045.
A native of East Los Angeles, Fujioka held numerous posts in city and county government, including the city's personnel director and a post in the county Department of Health Services.
E[sz]"Loudoun is lucky to have the commitment of officials throughout the county government, including County Administrator Kirby Bowers and IT Director Gene Troxell, among others.
Tulsa County Government, in the United States, improved access to county property records and legal documents and saved an estimated $300,000 by choosing to modernize instead of replace the legacy system;
Before joining Tenneco, Austell was executive assistant to the head of the county government in Fairfax County, Va.
CANYON COUNTRY - It's not exactly the X Games or ``American Idol,'' but viewers in the unincorporated areas of Canyon Country and Stevenson Ranch will be able to watch their county supervisors at work when a Los Angeles County government cable-television channel launches in December.
15 deadline for filing property tax appeals in Dade County should be extended by county government at least until Oct.
County investigators found ``systemic deficiencies'' throughout county government, noting a growing number of employees are being fired and disciplined for time-card abuses and hundreds of investigations are under way.
The parking district is located in the downtown area, which includes city and county government offices as well the Church Street Station and Centroplex areas.
A dedication ceremony was held recently to mark the opening of the new Livingston County Government Center in Geneseo, New York.
It is my goal to continue our advocacy work on behalf of county government, and to fulfill last year's agenda, while establishing new goals for NJAC that will ultimately enhance the state of New Jersey's local and municipal government services, as well as the state's public education system," Mr.
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