landed gentry

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the gentry who own land (considered as a class)


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Crawford said that after a few months, in a custody hearing in Dallas County family court, Bowen claimed that the doctors said that Christopher would never walk.
Among Edmonds' prior projects are the recently completed new athletic and recreational facility at Woodbridge High School in Woodbridge, New Jersey; the new $44-million Union County family court building in Elizabeth, New Jersey; and the $40-million Hudson County Community College North Hudson Campus.
Clark County Family Court Hearing Master Jon Norheim said from the bench that police and social services investigations in October and April uncovered no reason to take power-of-attorney from Toney.
The company was nominated by Montgomery County Sheriff Darren Popkin for its contributions and partnerships with public safety and for its support of the Montgomery County Family Justice Center.
Biggest in county family owned vending firm Established.
Donna Austin, program coordinator for the Lane County Family Mediation Program, said her agency is also seeing more clients unable to afford lawyers.
Brown was fired by station WXOW-TV in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and La Crosse County Family Court ordered him to stay away from DuPont for five years.
Additionally she was a founder of the Athens Nurses' Clinic for the Homeless, chair of the Athens/Clarke County Family Connection Board and chair of the Clarke County Board of Health.
The Los Angeles County family with both parents at the grindstone needed $69,670 - an average wage of $16.
When we adopted our twins at birth five years ago, we had no trouble finding a suitable lawyer, were told that all of the Washington State certified social workers who do home studies are neutral to positive on gay families, and that no King County family court judge would rule against us merely because we are a gay couple.
Brown, sitting at Clark County Family Court, signed the order at 12.
Judge Gerald Hardcastle, a Clark County family court judge, supported the measure during committee hearings on the bill.
The Fairfax County Family Literacy Curriculum is designed to be used in a multi-level adult English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) family literacy class.
THE HBA OF NORTHERN California recently completed construction of the East County Family Transitional Center.
Great Plains Vice President Lyle Allbery and his wife, Dixie, were named Sarpy County Family and Continuing Education (FCE) Outstanding Family for 1999.
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