landed gentry

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the gentry who own land (considered as a class)


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Duke has been involved with this project for about 30 years, said Ginger West, director of the Citrus County Family Resource Center.
When families play together, they build strong bodies and stronger bonds," says Rosalind Welder, Lincoln County Family YMCA Board Chair.
Since the Montgomery County Family Justice Center (MCFJC) first opened in 2009, Verizon has contributed innovative technologies to help enhance victim safety and improve communications.
Lane County Family Court Assistance Program: Drop-in assistance from 8:30 to 11:30 a.
The Los Angeles County family with both parents at the grindstone needed $69,670 - an average wage of $16.
When we adopted our twins at birth five years ago, we had no trouble finding a suitable lawyer, were told that all of the Washington State certified social workers who do home studies are neutral to positive on gay families, and that no King County family court judge would rule against us merely because we are a gay couple.
Brown, sitting at Clark County Family Court, signed the order at 12.
Judge Gerald Hardcastle, a Clark County family court judge, supported the measure during committee hearings on the bill.
2 million SF of commercial and government space, including some 950,000 SF of courtroom space for the Kings County Family Court and State Supreme Court Criminal Term, as well as modern offices for government departments that are part of the justice system.
Two days later, we had our first hearing in Brooklyn's Kings County Family Court.
That's why Coos County Family Health Services and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in New Hampshire (Anthem) is teaming up to help North County residents fight the flu.
Camden County Family Violence Task Force : to produce DVDs to assist potential and current victims of domestic violence, including a component on strangulation
Exceptional Charlotte County family restaurant on the water a short drive from the beach.
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