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I have heeded the panel's advice and decided to stand down from my role as an Anglesey county councillor at the next election.
Warwickshire County Councillor Philip Johnson (Lab, Nuneaton Galley Common), chairman of the council's communities overview and scrutiny committee added: "Warwickshire Trading Standards will continue to take action to prevent the sale of potentially dangerous and unroadworthy vehicles, helping to ensure consumers aren't deceived into buying cars that could be worthless and potentially lethal to drive.
The Liberal Democrat county councillor for Morpeth Kirkhill was voted into the role at Morpeth Town Council, which by tradition should mean he will serve as mayor from next May.
I do understand however that I am the only local councillor in Wales to have refused the recent pay rise awarded to county councillors and have also voluntarily taken a further pay cut of my existing allowance which represents an annual reduction of PS800 per annum in empathy with all public and private sector workers currently subject to continuing wage restraints.
Guests including town and county councillors enjoyed all things arts and crafts with demonstrations from some of the Chantry's best sellers.
A feud between former county councillors David Lewis-Roberts and Mr Durkin has been rumbling for nearly a decade.
If he is found guilty of the charges and receives a prison sentence of three months or more, he could be forced to forfeit his seat as a district and county councillor.
POSITIVE ACTION: North Yorkshire county councillor Tony Hall, left
Former Conservative county councillor June Longmuir, who clashed with Coun Pinfield when she was cabinet member for education, is contacting the Standards Board for England in a move to protect the 'integrity of the county council
After the case Ceredigion county councillor Jones, whose 1995 term as mayor ended after he called his deputy "a treacherous bitch", said he may appeal.
Labour councillor Jobi Hold caused a similar controversy earlier this year when it emerged the Conwy County councillor had only attended 17 out of 50 scheduled meetings.
Alison Higgs, Wendy Bond, Northumberland county councillor Alan Sharp, Cumbria county councillor Lawrence Fisher and Dan Newrick.
This means that each county councillor represents a similar number of electors so that everyone's vote in county council elections is worth roughly the same regardless of where you live.
It was not for any county councillor to underwrite his expenses.
Every constituent in Flintshire who has any personal or sensitive issue to deal with through their County Councillor should ask their County Councillors to provide them with a secure form of communication.
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