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a simple style of folk music heard mostly in the southern United States

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While there was never any danger, my wife, who is not a country-western music lover, remarked, "Please don't let me die with country-western music playing.
Gangsta' rap, for example, epitomizes--indeed, reifies--the grittiest and bleakest of inner psychological landscapes; but so does most country-western music.
Country-western music could be chosen for a picture album of photos from a family picnic, for example.
The country-western music was not obtrusive, the decor was more whimsical than kitschy and the burgers are what we New Englanders envision as true Western fare.
Max Haugland, 8, had danced to country-western music once before and had cut the rug at his aunt's wedding, but, he said, he had never before done a merengue step.
There's country-western music, disco, a calypso song, and even some Elvis-inspired tunes.
The Still Waters performance will include close harmony work similar to the Everly Brothers, as well as country-western music.
Gone is the country-western music played when callers on are hold, replaced by the man who really speaks for the city.
He was a family man who loved country-western music and nature, his family said.
The Burbank team donned black cowboy hats and kimonos at the Super Quiz in honor of two themes of this year's Academic Decathlon - country-western music and Japanese art.
Tumbling Tumbleweeds'' became popular even among people with no affinity for country-western music.
Other paradegoers added to the upbeat atmosphere: celebrants dancing under huge tents at the country-western music stage, fans under rainbow-colored umbrellas waving at parade participants and teens creating a ruckus with their noisemakers.
Hosted by Center Stage Productions, the cost is $35 per person and includes dinner (with pre-sale tickets only), and country-western music and dancing.
The eighth-grader said he'd never been to the country-western music mecca in Missouri.
LANCASTER - Country-western music, dancing lessons and a dance contest will be part of the Lancaster Education Foundation's Bluejean Ball from 6 to 10 p.