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a simple style of folk music heard mostly in the southern United States

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Best Pet Trick and the Best Country Western Pet Costume contests
For anyone who hasn't heard of BOH, the easiest description is a blend of Mumford and Sons' quirkiness and the country western rock of Kings of Leon.
He plays at the Lone Star Country Western Club next Thursday based at the Coachmakers Club in Radford Road.
BMW: I'm getting there, but first let me tell you about another hobby -- country western dancing.
Rounding out this great evening will be a specially prepared Country Western Buffet that is sure to have you grinnin' from ear to ear.
In addition to offering an assortment of stylish country western outfits & accessories, the site is also geared for entertainment and has already become a popular destination for country music fans of all ages to enjoy watching country music videos from their favorite artists.
While Yankee Doodles and Cowboy Palace stick to traditional country songs, there are places where country western dancing is done to a variety of music, including pop, rock, salsa and Celtic.
The smallest of affinity groups can now have a voice and a community, including those who comprise only a couple of hundred of users, such as those who may share a passion for scrapbooking or country western singing.
our Country Western Jamboree (featuring Lobsterfest-reserve meals by Sept 4), our "2 for 1C[thorn] Weekend, our Fall Flea Market/Bingo Bonanza, Halloween #1 & Columbus Day
His favorite music was country western, especially music by Marty Robbins, Patsy Cline, Gene Autry and Johnny Cash.
1 is providing for the raffle a pair of tickets to the June 20 "Triple Threat Tour" concert of country western groups BlackHawk, Little Texas and Restless Heart at the San Diego County Fair in Del Mar.
A mixture of pop, show tunes, country western, lite rock and more, this album is the brainchild of Karen Sokolof Javitch, songwriter and former teacher of the blind.
In early April there'll be the Country Western Hop, on which he is working with Lisa Sandoval, the country-western dance instructor at Schooner's restaurant.
On the first two days after the surgery, they listened to 20-minutes of country western, classical or light instrumental music and more light massage.
Nelson recorded a country western song of Sokolof's called Western Town in Nebraska, which is going to be featured in the movie "Out of Omaha," while Crouch makes his musical debut on the album.