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a sport that is played outdoors

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The minority pressure group that decrees that because it doesn't like something it should be banned, won't stop at hunting and angling is just as much a target as any other country sport.
Fellow country sports enthusiasts are coming to the aid of foxhunters as they face up to an uncertain future following the Government's ban on their centuries-old pursuit.
Tony Potter, who travelled down from Worcester, considered the fair to be the ultimate annual event for the country sport enthusiast.
They then voted by 249 to 108, a majority of 141, for self-regulation of the traditional country sport.
The Waterloo Cup attracts thousands of country sport enthusiasts to watch 64 greyhounds compete in a three-day knockout tournament.
Hunt supporters from across the Midlands were pelted with eggs yesterday as they marched through the streets of Leamington Spa in a last-ditch attempt to save their country sport.
More than 1,000 farmers and hunt supporters are set to march through a Warwickshire town tomorrow in a last-ditch attempt to save their country sport.
That will be bad news for everyone, not least the animals involved, which will not have the protection of professional country sport supporters.
The consequence is they do not have any money in their pockets and therefore stay away, but I would say around 90 per cent of them practise a country sport.
Despite my job title I have probably spent more time fishing and shooting than I have hunting in the past few years and have never been someone who has concentrated solely on one country sport.
You'll find out all about rat catching, baiting, boxing and more as you take part in the Black Country sports trail.
The Scottish Tory leader echoed one of Thatcher's most famous photos as she hit the campaign trail at Auchterhouse Country Sports.
Youth |anglers Ritchy Ricketts and Daniel Davies with newsagent Trudy Davies and members of the Welsh Blue Light team A SLUMP in the number of youngsters wanting to try country sports is being addressed by members of the emergency services.
It has been billed as the world's biggest celebration of the countryside and country sports event.
The 1850 games combined country sports with spelling and knitting races, but behind the contest lay a struggle for equality and the right to health.