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Analysis for Domain Names by Domain Type - Country Code TLDs
Mr Black said: "The next stage is to get all those with a stake in the Internet in Scotland together and work out what the issues would be if we do get a country code or a second level under .
Under agreement with the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), Voxbone has been authorized to implement the country code 888 that the ITU has assigned to OCHA for UN agencies engaged in rendering assistance to nations or regions affected by natural disasters, such as the Southeast Asian tsunami or the earthquake in Haiti.
The United States is reportedly one of the last developed countries to adopt its own country code domain name.
The recommendations and report produced by the Committee will be submitted to CC1 ENUM LLC on or before April 4, 2005, and CC1 ENUM LLC will take the recommendations into consideration in the preparation of its Country Code 1 Tier 1 Request for Proposal.
Country code top level domains, the two-letter codes which represent individual countries and territories, should be covered by the same regulations that apply to generic top level domains such as '.
an "exclusive long-term contract" to be the first registrar to promote, market and register its country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) of .
September 8, 2008 (KAMPALA) aC" Ugandan lawmakers have again raised in less than a month the use of Uganda's country code (+256) by a southern Sudan telecommunication company and urged the government to cancel it immediately.
Companies can register their dot-com outside the USA within a country as a Local Domain Name (LDN)(TM), which is a dot-com with no country code attached.
Beginning today, consumers can reach all of Germany by dialing 011, followed by 49 -- the new country code -- and the appropriate city code and local number.
At the prompt simply dial 011, the country code, and the number you wish to dial in any of the areas above, and you will be instantly connected.