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Synonyms for country

Synonyms for country

an organized geopolitical unit

a particular area used for or associated with a specific individual or activity

a rural area

of or relating to the countryside

Synonyms for country

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This is probably more true in the Caribbean and other developing countries where the performance of individuals on the examination is their ticket to a decent job.
The American Servicemembers' Protection Act halts particular kinds of military aid to countries that refused to toe the Bush Administration line.
But maybe these monies will actually go to the poor; after all, the developed nations recently forgave much of the debt owed by developing African countries.
Let's look at what's happening on the ground in two of the most challenged countries in sub-Saharan Africa, Niger and Kenya.
But development in these countries is grinding to a halt as the infection kills off a large part of the young adult population on whom the economy depends.
For trade officials in both countries the result is a considerably narrower domestic scope for making forward-leaning concessions to move negotiations.
The developing Latin American countries qualify under an EU regulation agreed upon in 1992 for financial and technical assistance, as well as for economic cooperation.
We must give such countries a chance to build up their society.
The most common situation that pregnant women in developing countries face is no access to healthcare or poor quality healthcare, both of which are caused or made worse by poverty and ignorance.
Many rich countries fail to train enough medical professionals to meet their own needs.
The campaign in the Czech Republic differed slightly in its content from the campaigns of the other candidate countries mainly because it could not afford to be overly propagandistic.
Most career guidance services in most countries are paid for by governments, whether at the national, regional, or local level.
These losses have a profound economic impact in countries around the world.
To help students understand why people in many countries see the American focus on terrorism as dismissive of economic and social problems they see as more pressing.
IT IS OFTEN ARGUED THAT INTERDEPENDENT economic relations between countries could create a favorable atmosphere to the solution of political problems, thus enhancing peace and security.