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Synonyms for country

Synonyms for country

an organized geopolitical unit

a particular area used for or associated with a specific individual or activity

a rural area

of or relating to the countryside

Synonyms for country

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7) The connection between foreign policy and the economy is clearly important for bilateral relations between countries, economic systems and blocs.
Citing a study that examined changes in traffic fatality rates in various countries between 1975 and 1998, the report noted that during that time span Canada's road fatality rates declined by 63.
Rossi responded to a March 22, 2004, letter from Stephen Bill of the European Commission on the practical implications of making intra-EC supplies of goods to VAT-registered customers in Acceding Countries on or after 1 May 2004.
Countries of the Middle East are contemplating how better to define and organize their approaches to the reform process, and are engaging a broad cast of interlocutors.
Enter President Bush, who in March 2002 announced a major new initiative--dubbed the "Millennium Challenge Account" (MCA)--to provide significant assistance to stand-out poor countries that were "ruling justly, investing in people, and encouraging economic freedom," including Tanzania, a likely recipient for the programs first year of funding.
Identify the countries that fit these descriptions:
Based on its strong commercial real estate market, Hungary is the number one country of the 13 emerging countries in Europe, according to EmergingEurope, a report by Cushman & Wakefield.
Campaigners are gathering in Birmingham, England, five years after the 1998 summit of the world's leading industrialized nations in that city, to proclaim that the world's richest countries are still failing to honour their promises to help the heavily indebted poorest.
During the 1990s, however, fluoroquinolone resistance in Campylobacter rapidly increased in several countries (3).
And, rather than cool off like other countries, the Chinese steel industry is expected to grow at a strong clip, according to many industry analysts.
International double taxation represents the imposition of comparable income taxes by two or more sovereign countries on the same income items on the same taxpayer for the same tax period.
A joint research project between the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) and James Cook University in Cairns, Australia, showed legislation for the regulation of nursing and midwifery regulation varied across Pacific countries, with most needing help in using competencies for regulatory purposes.
A surprising study from the National Academy of Sciences recently showed that a large and increasing number of countries are reversing the trend of forest destruction, the New York Times reports.
Today, about 100 countries have abided by the Bush Administration's wishes, but more than fifty countries have publicly refused, including two dozen that have lost aid in the process.
In the book, Perkins recounts a decade-long career in which he traveled to undeveloped countries and estimated how much economic growth would occur if modern electric power plants and transmission lines were built there--with foreign-aid money.