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the number of elements in a mathematical set

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Counting numbers imparts Maths in an agile manner that not only will suffice your child's daily dose of maths but will also make a foundation that will last long for sure.
Last night, officials were still in the process of counting numbers in attendance at the event to establish whether a new world record had been set.
SOFTEN contains all the initial letters of all the counting numbers from ONE to however high you want to go, and it separates into S OF TEN, which suggests SYSTEM OF TEN, the decimal system.
There were fans and stewards everywhere while we were holed up in the dressing room counting numbers to see if everyone was in safely.
The tiny cryptanthe grows in nine states, none of which have been concerned enough about its survival to have bothered counting numbers.
The field is taken up by a pair of hands--the artist's--that "speak" through their gestures, asking and entreating, or simply counting numbers.
He noticed, perhaps with surprise, that the counting numbers could be paired one to one with a subset such as the square numbers.
The two-year study tested nearly 19,000 former nurses aged 70-81 for memory, verbal fluency, and counting numbers.
The first infinite number we can conceive is the number that specifies all possible (finite) counting numbers.
This group includes the counting numbers (1, 2, 3, .
If their idea of being in politics is about counting numbers and getting their faces in the papers then we can expect more and more people to lose their trust in politicians.
They preach last days by counting numbers, correlating gospels, announcing wars, revolutions, and anti-Christs, preaching nuclear melt downs and biological monstrosities, and depicting towering infernos.
We have to guard against the danger of counting numbers and pushing some of these more serious inquiries to one side.
However, it does not mean pigeons have the general ability of counting numbers.
Other cool places help you practice counting numbers, sorting objects, using good manners and safety habits, telling time, creating calendars, and dialing phone numbers.