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Synonyms for countersink

a hole (usually in wood) with the top part enlarged so that a screw or bolt will fit into it and lie below the surface

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a bit for enlarging the upper part of a hole

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insert (a nail or screw below the surface, as into a countersink)


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Using an eight ounce ball-peen hammer, begin upsetting the screw heads by continuously tapping on them, starting top dead center and then around the circumference to insure the head is driven into the countersink.
The FE results can also be used to estimate the countersink shape for a given punch load.
They all drove easily with no stripping or breakage and sat perfectly flush without the need for a countersink bit.
Countersink 1 1/4-inch deck screws along these lines, 3/4 inch in from each edge of each board.
Drill and countersink two side runners ready to screw into the flat supports.
You will be using a hole saw to countersink these brace ends, so it's important not to change their order once you've established them (see measurements in figures 1 and 2).
With Amana's carbide-tipped countersinks with pilot drills, woodworkers can drill a pilot hole and tapered countersink in one step to help guide screws during project assembly.
Hold the two pieces of wood together at right angles on a workbench so you can drill pilot holes and countersink before screwing together.
FBM will detect solid machining features for the chosen FBM operation type, based on selection criteria; machine pockets using 2D roughing, rest mill, and finish operations; automatically support closed, open, nested, and through-pockets and set-the-right-toolpath options; optionally create a separate finish toolpath for floors and walls; identify when external machining is required and enable users to activate or deactivate it; identify when facing is required; create drilled, tapped, counterbore, and countersink holes; perform deep drilling, spot drilling, pre-drilling, tool selection, and tool creation if needed; provide advanced controls to drill blind, through, co-axial, and split holes; and select the appropriate tools for all operations.
When painting new exterior construction where non-galvanised nails have been used, it is advisable to first countersink the nail heads, then seal them with a top quality, water-based all-acrylic or siliconised acrylic sealant.
00mm to 25mm with the facility to punch, mill, drill, countersink, tap, ream, mark and high definition plasma-cut, all in the one processing cycle.
Rhodri Clark: Bit part:Of all the attachments invented to fit on a drill, the best has to be the countersink bit because it's such an easy way to make your work look satisfyingly competent.
If the nails are rusty, replace them with screws and also replace any damaged boards - make sure that any boards which are on fillets on the side of joists are glued and screwed and countersink the screws.