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Synonyms for counterrevolutionary

a revolutionary whose aim is to reverse the changes introduced by an earlier revolution

marked by opposition or antipathy to revolution

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Some of the counterrevolutionaries did, in their darker moments, despair of restoring institutions whose roots had withered.
Many of the elite of Machecoul, such as Etienne Gaschignard, the principal of the secondary school and one of the first to be murdered by the counterrevolutionaries, were apparently shaped by this dispute, and looked forward to a reformed Christianity that would reduce the weight of the clergy, both spiritual and material, on their community.
A disagreement over the significance of victimhood provided a moral logic to the politics of revolution/counterrevolution during the Cold War: for revolutionaries, political militancy cleansed the victim of the moral damage that accompanies resentment; for counterrevolutionaries, the politics of victimhood was morally damaging in itself, whether it took the form of revolutionary action or festering resentment.
Yet for all of their revolutionary fervor, evolutionary psychologists now face a challenge from counterrevolutionaries.
The tragedy that befell the Kang family was not unusual; families of suspected counterrevolutionaries in Communist North Korea are customarily sent off to labor camps when one of the clan is fingered.
The charges against the newspaper and against Mirdamadi as its boss include propaganda against the Islamic regime, publication of untrue and libellous articles, supporting counterrevolutionaries and other opponents of the regime, offending religious beliefs, inciting political violence and spreading corrupted Western culture.
If not exactly counterrevolutionaries, these students still represent a formidable force: Two-thirds of Iran's population is twenty-five years old or younger.
Gonzalez interpreted Clinton's expansion of private dollar transfers to Cubans as a move to increase funds going to counterrevolutionaries in Cuba.
The work tells the story of Fernanda, a university professor and writer who feels bound to respond to the call to do duty against the counterrevolutionaries in an artists' and writers' brigade in the jungle.
There are a lot of counterrevolutionaries in the Catholic church.
Political dissidents are often accused by the Cuban government of being counterrevolutionaries who support the U.
The anti-Communist Left condemned the Soviets as oppressors of the proletariat and counterrevolutionaries posing as socialists.
9 22 2495 counterrevolutionaries 3172 electroencephalography 1.
Meister contends that the politics of the twentieth century was marked by an ideological conflict between revolutionaries and counterrevolutionaries over the problem of victimhood, and boiled down to a contest between them over the question of "who can claim to be a victim" (p.
In addition, tens of millions of counterrevolutionaries passed long periods of their lives inside the prison system, with perhaps 20 million dying there.