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an offer made by someone who has rejected a prior offer

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Thirty-four percent of financial executives who extend counteroffers said they have had to increase salaries for other employees in their department as a result.
When you tender your resignation, it's quite possible that your employer will make you a counteroffer with increased pay or a promotion in a bid to get you to stay with the company.
I spoke to Manny this morning and I gave him what is perceived to be a counteroffer from the Mayweather people," Koncz told Ring TV.
99) Yet, subsequent cases did not distinguish ambiguous formula counteroffers from unambiguous counteroffers.
Given the same initial conditions, that is, the same first offers and counteroffers, it could be that women are less able to use the process of alternating offers to obtain favorable outcomes.
According to the Journal's article on Saturday, a possible counteroffer was also in the works by investor Carl Icahn, who is opposed to the current proposed offer and earlier this month reached an agreement with Dell to examine the company's books.
The video provider responded to the broadcaster's original offer with a counteroffer.
More than 71 percent of senior HR executives are concerned their companies are losing their top performers this year and are resorting to counteroffers to retain those staff, according to research commissioned by specialist recruitment firm Robert Half UAE.
Counteroffers are served up to persuade you to change your mind or demonstrate the value the organization places on you and your leadership -- all after you have resigned.
Greuel's counteroffer was to pay Woocher $80,000 and dismiss the suit.
It seems certain a Pearson-Wilkinson proposal will be on the table to rival counteroffers from the likes of property millionaire Simon Morris and the Redbus investment company fronted by Simon Franks.
She describes finding a practice, information to request, analyzing finances, preparing cash flow forecasts, and offers and counteroffers.
He added it was not up to him to comment on any potential counteroffers.
A 2004 counteroffer study conducted by Loyola University and the Hay Group management consulting firm, found that 90% of the 284 participating companies made counteroffers to retain employees.
Turner advises employees to think carefully before accepting counteroffers.