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Synonyms for countermeasure

something that corrects or counteracts

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an action taken to offset another action

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Common Hidden Hazards of the Drilling Fluid Recovery Pipeline and Countermeasures
As per the contract, Petards Joyce-Loebl, will take up a modification programme relating to countermeasures equipment fitted to certain aircraft within the MOD s in-service fleet.
Domestic Drone Countermeasures, LLC (DDC), founded in 2013, is a privately held OEM/ODM that designs, develops and manufactures domestic drone countermeasure systems using American made components when available or DDC custom designed components that are manufactured in the United States by DDC or its sub-contractors.
Countermeasures deployed and evaluated included automated video detection of pedestrians, flashing beacons, instreet pedestrian signs, and median refuge islands.
Levis, for his work in personally defining, leading, and managing programs in support of Laser Eye Protection and the Viper(TM) Laser, one of the primary components on the countermeasures system.
Chemring Countermeasures, has secured an initial order of [pounds sterling]4.
Receiving the largest funding increase was the Explosives Countermeasures Office, whose budget rose 123.
Personnel quickly rebuilt and flight tested their helicopters and embarked on board Cleveland (LPD 7), which served as the mine countermeasures support ship.
Electronics and systems integration: tactical radar jammers, GPS-guided bombs; countermeasure systems.
A device called a call diverter represents one of the more effective countermeasures to caller ID.
JPM-MCS facilitates the advanced development and acquisition of medical countermeasures and systems to enhance our nation's biodefense response capability.
Mine countermeasures ships USS Ardent (MCM 12) and USS Scout (MCM 8), Royal Navy's Fleet auxiliary landing dock ship RFA Lyme Bay and mine countermeasures ships HMS Pembroke and HMS Middleton, all assigned to CTF 52, participated alongside French Ships Croix de Sud and Var as well as the ships of SNMCMG 2 -- Greek frigate HS Spetsai, and minehunters FGS Herten (Germany), HS Kallisto (Greece) ITS Viareggio (Italy) and ESPS Tajo (Spain).
The contract awarded today will provide capability-based targets and countermeasures used to develop, test, and verify ballistic missile defense system performance.
At recent meetings, the companies were informed by the Justice Department and the Pentagon that a combined Lockheed Martin-Northrop would hurt competition in several areas, including airborne early warning radars, missile countermeasures, and airborne fire control.