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The paper discusses various apparent counterexamples to the material account in which conditionals are not asserted, and so the original theory cannot be applied; it is argued that, nevertheless, the material theory can be defended.
Treated successfully with a banned therapy, his wife's good health is yet another counterexample unscientifically dismissed by endocrinology.
One conclusion to draw from fifty years of Gettier counterexamples is that there is no adequate analysis of knowledge.
In this article, two counterexamples are presented to show that correlation is not a sufficient measure to lead to the theorem.
Using above algorithms, we seek some values of j on computer and get many counterexamples to Theorem 1.
In particular, he employs the witch trials as a counterexample to the processes he has described, as an anomaly in the trend to increasing use of naturalistic explanations in the West.
Likewise, when flaws exist, the method reliably generates counterexamples.
Proof: If there are no counterexamples to the conjecture the lemma is true.
I was less convinced by the overarching thesis, for which I see too many counterexamples.
As I read, I tried to think of examples and counterexamples to match the author's.
Argentina and Venezuela share a chapter as the principal counterexamples.
One reason why mainstream historians tend to regard scholastic economics as "an afterthought" is to circumvent philosophical and historical counterexamples to the enlightenment redefinition of economics along secular, descriptive, and rationalistic lines.
But many counterexamples come to mind, too: the serious treatment of Sen.
Counterexamples of straight anti-modernists are just as plentiful: Rachmaninoff, Hindemith, Walton, and Korngold come to mind.
The use of examples and telling counterexamples brings many an "aha