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Synonyms for adaptation

Synonyms for adaptation

the act of making suitable to an end or the condition of being made suitable to an end

adjustment to a changing environment

Synonyms for adaptation

a written work (as a novel) that has been recast in a new form

(physiology) the responsive adjustment of a sense organ (as the eye) to varying conditions (as of light)

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In many cases, rapid counteradaptation by parasites can occur because of their relatively short generation times and high population densities, and a variety of adaptations may assist this.
Eventual counteradaptation by some lineage of insects enables them to exploit these plants and thus undergo their own adaptive radiation in the absence of competition form other insects.
A striking characteristic of this counteradaptation is its cyclic behavior on an annual basis: lowest frequency in May, increasing frequency through August, and a drop in frequency (to just above that of the previous May) by the following May for populations in or near cotton fields (Luttrell et al.
High alkalinity of the midguts of many lepidopteran larvae has been suggested to be a counteradaptation to plant tannins, because many tannin-protein complexes may dissolve under alkaline conditions (Berenbaum 1980).
Active pollination, and associated morphological and behavioral traits, can be selected for in a pollinator population when a small number of co-pollinators are present and the behavior does not require any counteradaptation on the part of the plant (Pellmyr and Huth 1994, Pellmyr et al.