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a strategy intended to prevent or counter terrorism

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The company services commercial and government entities; and specializes in highly challenging protection assignments - including counter-terrorism operations - around the world.
It noted that the UAE has actively participated in 15 regional and international alliances to combat terrorism and terrorist groups, including the international coalition against Daesh and the Global Counter-Terrorism Forum.
During the meeting, Lord Carlyle briefed the committee on Britain's counter-terrorism laws.
He said: "Too often in this inquiry we saw suggestions for reforms to the counter-terrorism structure rebuffed because 'it works well at the moment', or 'the benefits are not yet proven'.
of Ljubljana, Slovenia) presents 17 papers exploring general issues of counter-terrorism and crisis management in the Western Balkans and describing single-country approaches and experiences.
have formed an alliance to provide blast analysis and counter-terrorism mitigation services for public transportation systems, airports, bridges, buildings and other infrastructure.
UK MOD to Purchase Highly Advanced Night Vision Goggles from The O'Gara Group for use in Military and Other Counter-Terrorism Operations
Mr President, I would like briefly to highlight two opportunities to improve and recalibrate the UN counter-terrorism approach.
office to help member states implement the organization's global counter-terrorism strategy.
TOKYO, May 13 (KUNA) -- Japan, China and South Korea will hold a meeting on counter-terrorism on May 15, the first time in three years, the Japanese Foreign Ministry said Wednesday.
The deliberations will attempt to explain the government's plans and actions in regard to counter-terrorism, legal challenges to countering terrorism, role of prosecution, police role in countering terror and the UK perspective on counter-radicalization and rule of law, besides CRSS project on rule of law.
Washington, June 30(ANI): The Obama administration has concluded in a newly released counter-terrorism strategy that defeating Al-Qaeda does not require a "global war", but rather a focus on specific regions, including Yemen, Somalia, Iraq and North Africa, in addition to Pakistan.
Raphael Perl, the OSCE Head on Anti-terrorism Issues, emphasized the pivotal role regional organizations played in helping states implement the UN Counter-Terrorism Strategy at the 117th plenary meeting of the UN General Assembly on Wednesday.
Have you come across anyone who insists that the United States should withdraw from the United Nations, despite the central role played by the UN in organizing the global counter-terrorism coalition?
Vladimir Voronkov, Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Office, addresses the Security Council meeting on threats to international peace and security caused by terrorist acts, November 28 - Press Photo CAIRO - 3 March 2018: Vladimir Voronkov, Head of the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism started a two-day visit to Cairo on Saturday, at the invitation of the Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt, MENA reported on Saturday.