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Synonyms for counterrevolutionary

a revolutionary whose aim is to reverse the changes introduced by an earlier revolution

marked by opposition or antipathy to revolution

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The Internal Macedonian Counter-revolutionary Installation is acting towards this will as Mister Muscle is towards the bacteria in the toilette.
we found out that some of the former Baath Party elements, in particular two Baath officers and some [Iranian] counter-revolutionary elements, were behind the attack," said Brigadier General Mohammad Pakpur, commander of the Pasdar Ground Forces.
China's government has previously said the protests were a counter-revolutionary rebellion that had to be crushed for the stability of the nation.
A counter-revolutionary government responded, he says, by abolishing the forum from which a key element of the revolutionary hazard appeared to emanate.
After the revolution, the new regime closed all universities from 1980 to 1983 to pre-empt any anti-revolutionary protests, although the closure was described as needed to prepare new textbooks and to purge faculties of counter-revolutionary staff.
There were about 40 of them who had been jailed for counter-revolutionary charges ranging from 10 to 18 years, he added.
Noticeably, this Arab counter-revolutionary camp comprises nearly the same forces that in the 1950s and 1960s spearheaded a confrontation with the Nasserist, nationalist.
After four decades of rule, these leaders of the Revolution had become experts at dousing counter-revolutionary fires.
It also had ties with the intelligence services of some Arab states and the counter-revolutionary group People's Mujahedeen, the statement said.
Iranian news agencies say the accused face charges of having "participated in riots, acting against national security, disturbing public order, vandalising public and government property and having ties with counter-revolutionary groups.
The case for continuity in the social makeup of prerevolutionary and early counter-revolutionary journal readership is, however, solidly made, and whatever the shortcomings of the final argument they should not unduly distract us from the attention to detail and methodology that will make this work of interest to students of the social composition of reading publics.
Firuzabadi presented IS as a counter-revolutionary force rather than an anti-Shiite band.
Counter-revolutionary activities, for instance, are taking place in Tunisia and Libya .
It stated that in order to aid the sel'kory, the party "must decisively take under the protection of Soviet laws and Soviet organs those [sel'kory] whose unmasking work can call forth threats of violence from the counter-revolutionary and kulak elements in the village.
Once these counter-revolutionary elements have been arrested, they are to be escorted back to their original place of residence.