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Synonyms for counterrevolutionary

a revolutionary whose aim is to reverse the changes introduced by an earlier revolution

marked by opposition or antipathy to revolution

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He argues that these thinkers are indispensable for repairing a European tradition that has been weakened to its core, and he asserts, somewhat against the evidence, that "the French counter-revolutionaries spoke of general principles and not merely of the French political situation in the nineteenth century.
But perhaps the admirable prudence of conservative liberals needs to be coupled from time to time with the reactionary intransigence of the counter-revolutionaries.
In order to do so, of course, the author has to assume that there is a line that connects the counter-revolutionaries of the late eighteenth century, through the various leagues and movements of the Third Republic, continuing with Vichy, and culminating with Jean-Marie Le Pen's National Front.
It was during the 1970s that Southern counter-revolutionaries first began to win important victories in national politics--ironically, by exploiting one of the proudest achievements of the New Deal, the industrialization of the agrarian periphery.
By combining traditional authority with modern forms of mass appeal, counter-revolutionaries sought to limit reforms and manipulate popular loyalties and social control through police, religious activities and educational institutions.
Fortified and inspired by these victories, the Vendean counter-revolutionaries, known as the "Royal Catholic Army of France," crushed an entire division at Beaupreau on April 22nd.
I warned here three weeks ago that the People's Republic in South Yorkshire would fall to the counter-revolutionaries because of the council's anti-car policy.
Look," he tells a horrified friend who criticizes him for commanding execution squads of counter-revolutionaries, "in this thing either you kill first or else you get killed.
The ancient leaders remained invisible but were preparing their answer to what they called counter-revolutionaries.
Guards operations officer Colonel Hamid Ahmadi said the offensive launched on Friday would "continue until all counter-revolutionaries, rebels and terrorists have been cleared away.
Seven people organisationally linked to the counter-revolutionaries, the Zionist media and elements of the sedition have been arrested", Irna quoted an Intelligence Ministry statement as saying, without naming them.
IRNA quoted an Intelligence Ministry statement as saying seven people "linked to the counter-revolutionaries, the Zionist media and elements of the sedition" had been arrested.