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Synonyms for counterrevolutionary

a revolutionary whose aim is to reverse the changes introduced by an earlier revolution

marked by opposition or antipathy to revolution

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Thus, the group also condemned a counter-revolution led by Islamist extremists who, like the ruling power, do not differentiate between peace and violence.
The youth refused to participate in the referendum because they consider what is happening as a counter-revolution to the January revolution (against Hosni Mubarak)," said Nafea.
The political degradation of the "Arab Spring" into a sectarian counter-revolution is best illustrated in Syria.
They are claiming Mubarak's release is further proof that the ousting of President Mohammed Morsi was and is a counter-revolution.
Summary: Watching Saudi Arabia and other wealthy Gulf states line up behind the bloody counter-revolution in Egypt, you can't help suspect that these conservative monarchies are ready to fight to the last Egyptian against the Muslim Brotherhood.
This newly updated edition covers the conservative counter-revolution and cultural responses to the 1960s, offering a satisfying survey of the backlash to environmental, consumer and citizen-action movements in this country.
This time, the world has witnessed another live-broadcast counter-revolution, or more correctly a coup, in the same square.
Respect for legitimacy is the sole guarantee against possible flare-up of violence and the counter-revolution," President Mosri made clear.
This second edition has been updated with material examining the legacies of the 1960s, including the conservative counter-revolution and the culture wars.
This view - which bypasses all details and complexities being witnessed in those countries - ends up only reiterating that the Syrian regime is on the side of the Arab counter-revolution.
Mohammad Said Ramadan al-Bouti said that no revolution would force a society to follow a certain system without generating a counter-revolution that topples this system.
He claimed that the plotters had even drafted a statement proclaiming themselves as the leaders of a counter-revolution superseding the National Salvation Revolution, the alias adopted by the regime of Omer Al-Bashir when it seized power in 1989.
After all that effort, they were betrayed by Castro and forced to lead a counter-revolution in the Escambray Mountains.
This series of measures shows that the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, the head of the counter-revolution, is adamant to bring back the old regime and the presidential elections are merely a show," said a joint-statement released by six parties and movements in Egypt reported (http://www.
The threads are inextricably linked to the story of the end of the age of optimism, revolution and counter-revolution.