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an offer made by someone who has rejected a prior offer

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When the counter-offer was rejected, Proximus decided to institute court proceedings:before the Council of State with regard to the validity of the intermunicipal companies' decisions;before the civil courts with regard to the validity of the agreement between the intermunicipal companies and Telenet and with regard to the loss sustained.
Be prepared for the landlord to counter-offer and negotiate with you as well.
Manchester United and Liverpool still have the time to launch a counter-offer for the 21-year-old's signature.
Representatives from the campaign have met twice with Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck to plead their case and yesterday saw them make a counter-offer to the club.
NOTE: The majority of employees that accept a counter-offer and remain with their current employer leave within six mouths to a year.
Sir Tom, who already owns the larger rival garden centre chain Wyevale as well the Blooms of Bressingham brand, could see his plans for a counter-offer frustrated as Tesco has already built up a 28% stake in the company.
But on Wednesday, the company announced it had received an approach from an unnamed third party which could lead to a counter-offer being made for the business.
That means that for every three people that hand in their notice, one will consider a counter-offer to stay.
The IRS and the FBI show up at his door and make him a counter-offer that he CANNOT refuse, if he wants to keep any kind of freedom.
Late last week House conferees made a $299 billion counter-offer to the Senate's earlier offer to fund a six-year highway bill at $318 billion.
Johnson said he'd sell it for $2,000, but he accepted Schuyff's counter-offer of $1,500.
Michael Caulfield, the JA's executive manager, said: "The jockeys felt that the offer could have been a bit more attractive, so a counter-offer has gone back to the owners for them to make a decision.
The councils' counter-offer was to backdate two per cent to April, with a further one per cent in October - still lower than the offer made to equivalent workers in England.
However, the lack of any counter-offer for JBA indicated that financially unsuccessful companies in a depressed ERP sector are hardly in keen demand.
ITV have already offered her a Saturday night slot and now BBC chiefs have tabled a name your price counter-offer for her to do a one-off spectacular.