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contrary to what common sense would suggest

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As the Minimum Tax is unjust, counter-intuitive, against the principle of free market and contrary to practices of the better marketplaces in the world and hence the only way to address is to repeal this draconian law altogether, he concluded.
She told the Commons yesterday : "It seems incredibly complacent and counter-intuitive to come to this House and simply plan for the consequences of economic failure in 2015.
The epilogue details "10 difficult personal actions needed to save the world"--and difficult they are, also controversial and some, counter-intuitive.
In this contribution I wish to retrieve the counter-intuitive nature of the confession embedded in the phrase "God of life.
Taking a surprising and counter-intuitive tone, the programme shows that not all deaf teens want to be able to hear, as they take viewers into their lives to show how proud they are of their own culture.
Yet given all that fragments our world, it seems a bold, counter-intuitive claim.
I know that is counter-intuitive given the economic and social situation but that is where we are.
While the idea that an increased sensitivity to sexual performance failures would make men and women more likely to cheat might sound counter-intuitive, Mark says other studies have tied higher levels of inhibition such as this with risky sexual behavior.
The fact that so much of the recent innovation is at the premium end is also counter-intuitive, given the public sector job cuts, and concern about the strength of this recovery.
According to the report, though importing gas to countries that boast up to 23 percent of global gas reserves seems counter-intuitive, the rapidly rising demand means that most of the GCC countries will have to consider it.
The proposals respond to the view expressed by many investors and others in the extensive consultations that the IASB has undertaken--that volatility in profit or loss resulting from changes in the credit risk of liabilities that an entity chooses to measure at fair value is counter-intuitive and does not provide useful information to investors.
It is a huge, innovative and in many ways counter-intuitive project.
Though this seemed a counter-intuitive approach to plummeting sales, it turns out the rumors were true.
Nigel Sharp, managing director Ford of Britain, commented, 'Raising prices in difficult times, and when a scrappage scheme has been introduced, may seem counter-intuitive but with so many of our costs priced in euros, there is no alternative if we are to maintain a viable business.
The turf course conforms to natural expectations of a lefthanded round track - lowdrawn horses should benefit from the shortest route on the inside rail - but the dirt course behaves in a counter-intuitive fashion, tending to favour those drawn wider.