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actions taken by a government to defeat insurgency

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The second lesson involves the fundamental ambiguity so characteristic of counter-insurgency.
Resolving the problem of insurgency in Blochistan needs a well thought-out counter-insurgency strategy, divorced from political expediencies.
Informed sources said after two meetings in the last one year-Defence Consultative Group in December 2012 and Defence Resourcing Conference in February 2013 -- officials of US and Pakistan were able to develop a joint five-year plan for how security assistance would feed into defence cooperation on counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism issues and to help build Pakistan's capabilities in these areas.
One chapter is devoted to a case study of the first counter-insurgency plan, while another chapter surveys SEATO's counter-insurgency planning for South Vietnam and Thailand, 1960-65.
In 2007, the Ethiopian military launched a counter-insurgency campaign against ONLF after the rebel group attacked a Chinese oil field and killed 65 Ethiopians and 9 Chinese workers.
2 billion is in assistance to strengthen democratic and civil institutions that provide a bulwark against extremism and support joint security and counter- terrorism efforts, including $800 million for the Pakistan Counter-insurgency Capability Fund, In all, the budgetary proposals of US President Barack Obama provides $8.
She also gives a somewhat abridged but equally valuable account of what special forces are (including Canada's own Joint Task Force Two) and why they are so suited to some of the needs of counter-insurgency war.
An alluring narrative of a successful counter-insurgency campaign has begun to take shape, but the storyline does not match facts on the ground.
Not only the efforts of the international community and the Afghan government has been critically analyzed in this article, but also the positional factors such as counter-warlordism and counter-insurgency that have significantly undermined the post-2001 Afghan democratization process have been evaluated.
Half-hearted counter-insurgency efforts have unsurprisingly failed to produce results," notes the ICG.
about the counter-insurgency strategy that requires a stable and strong Afghan
The reasons given by the prime minister for the extension relate to ensuring a continuity of leadership for pursuing the ongoing counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency measures initiated in April 2009.
If you look at any counter-insurgency campaign throughout history there's always a point at which you start to negotiate with each other, probably through proxies in the first instance," he told the BBC last month.
The United States and Nato have more than 140,000 troops in Afghanistan with another 10,000 due in coming weeks as part of the counter-insurgency strategy.
The warning by eight international charities comes on the eve of an international conference in London, where donors are expected to pledge hundreds of millions of dollars for development and reconciliation to complement NATO's counter-insurgency strategy.
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