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a stretch of turbulent water in a river or the sea caused by one current flowing into or across another current

actions counter to the main group activity


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In the air cooler-condenser during the counter-current process effective mass exchange between flowing downwards condensed heavy shale oil and moving upwards vapour phase takes place.
A part of wash water overflows with the froth bubbles and the remaining part flows down the froth counter-current to the gas phase and is referred to as bias water.
New devices use counter-current heat exchange, which circulates the coolant in the opposite direction to blood flow to enhance the effectiveness of endovascular cooling.
Somewhat of a counter-current to this concept is the one championed by those who call for random acts of kindness from themselves and their fellow citizens.
Filters are fully enclosed systems based on the reciprocating tray concept, making it possible to carry out multi-step process operations in a single unit, including filtration, co-current or counter-current washing and cake drying.
At low or sub-critical speeds, the T-mixer/reactor functions as a blender with the mixing elements pushing the material according to the counter-current principle in an axial and radial direction, according to the company.
After beatifying Teresa Bracco, who was strangled and shot in 1944 by a Nazi soldier who tried to rape her during the German occupation, the pope said the 20-year-old Piedmont woman as "a message of hope for those whose struggle to go counter-current to the spirit of the world.
Co-current design avoids dew-point blips that result from counter-current systems.
25-7 and John's account of the women at the Passion and the Resurrection, included with the antifeminist material, suggest a counter-current to the hostility to women that most writers included by Blamires will evince.
An eddy is a current of water running contrary to the main current - and the CamelBak eddy will act as a counter-current to help eliminate single-use plastic bottles from the planet.
Endless Pools is a 30-year pioneer in the development and marketing of aquatic fitness products including counter-current swim machines and underwater treadmills.
The Institute for Transuranium Elements (ITU) plans to purchase a complete and ready-to-work counter-current centrifugal extractor set-up, consisting of 16 centrifugal contactors.
Unlike the conventional spiral heat exchanger in which the media flow in direct counter-current flow, the ALSE Cond is configured so that one stream is in spiral flow while the other flows across it, in parallel to its axis.
Pharmachem, Kearny, NJ, has completed a major expansion of its Avoca facility with the addition of a counter-current Crown extractor, which has a capacity of 12-18 tons per day.
Using the RT reciprocating tray concept, the filter can carry out multi-step process operations in a single unit, including filtration, co-current or counter-current washing and hot gas cake drying.