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Antonyms for clockwise

in the same direction as the rotating hands of a clock

in the direction that the hands of a clock move

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Scrotal ultrasonography reveals a moderate hydrocele surrounding the testis and edematous testis (A) The longitudinal image of the torsive right testis shows no blood flow by color Doppler examination (B) Sonographic image shows a markedly edematous spermatic cord and cranio-caudal examination reveals a counter-clockwise twist; the white arrow shows the direction of the torsion (C,D).
Custom-made total joint prostheses were used for simultaneous TMJ reconstruction and mandibular advancement with concomitant advancement with concomitant maxillary osteotomies at the same operation for counter-clockwise rotation of the maxillomandibular complex to optimize the functional and aesthetic outcomes as well as reduce pain.
From there she moves from country to country, starting with Colombia and moving counter-clockwise until she gets back to Venezuela.
NORTHRIDGE -- At the start of hajj, Zauman Kahn stood on the third floor of Mecca's Great Mosque and stared below at the sea of Muslims moving counter-clockwise around the sacred Kaaba.
Then a "tail" or repeat of the second half of the song is rendered and the dancers will turn 180 degrees, thus going counter-clockwise until the tail is complete.
Each of the units will slide counter-clockwise about a central open-air core, allowing most of the units two direct, natural sources of light, air and outdoor spaces.
This suggestion has been confirmed in experiments with collimators, rotated counter-clockwise, west to east (i.
time-lapse radar it spirals counter-clockwise, stalled over the
Users can choose clockwise or counter-clockwise elevating.
A sundial designed for London will work in Australia, but the numbers run counter-clockwise.
Suffice it to say that if under the chemical convention we move in a clockwise direction, we use the designator "R," or if we move counter-clockwise we use "S.
211], should have been reproduced 90 degrees counter-clockwise and all images on pp.
The counter-clockwise rotation pattern of the wind field associated with the tropical cyclone produced storm surge and intense rainfall conditions along the Alabama Coast that resulted in significant wind and flood damage to homes and infrastructure at Dauphin Island and Gulf Shores.
For most right-handed people, it will be hard to write the numeral 6 (a counter-clockwise motion) while moving the right leg in a clockwise direction.
The Bobcat 442 features an advanced steering system that uses pilot-operated hand levers and foot pedals allowing for precise, independent control, even in counter-clockwise operation.