counterbattery fire

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fire delivered to neutralize or destroy indirect fire weapon systems

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This effectively protects them from counter-battery fire, which will then almost always overshoot their position.
However, unlike fighting a conventional war, no counter-battery fire is immediately ordered.
For example, once counter-battery fire proved its ability to wipe out enemy mortar teams, the guerillas responded by relying on rocket attacks triggered by egg timers.
When the Prussians won, it was because well organized and handled artillery pulverized French units from beyond the effective range of French counter-battery fire.
This unseen battery fired away, despite massive counter-battery fire.
In the event, Iraqi artillery was all but destroyed from the air and by counter-battery fire from MLRS [Multiple Launch Rocket Systems] and yielded little or no combat advantage.
The mortars rely on constant reconnaissance to locate and occupy new firing positions to avoid counter-battery fire.