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the reaction of the Roman Catholic Church to the Reformation reaffirming the veneration of saints and the authority of the Pope (to which Protestants objected)

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In sections on identity, memory, and counter-reformation, 11 papers look Catholicism in early modern England from such perspectives as creating an English Catholic identity: relics, martyrs, and English women religious in counter-reformation Europe; the vicars apostolic and the suppressed/restored English province of the Society of Jesus; Julian of Norwich, Margaret Gascoigne, and textual circulation among the Cambrai Benedictines; underground networks, prison, and the circulation of counter-reformation books in Elizabethan England; and the Gospel, liturgy, and controversy in the 1590s: Thomas Stapleton's Promptuaria.
Mary Laven's introductory essay and final essay (the latter on the legacies of Counter-Reformation Catholicism) work well both to frame this collection and to whet the reader's intellectual appetite.
The legislation of the Synods of London and Westminster, usually described as sterile and counterproductive, was actually incorporated into many of the decrees of the Council of Trent and, therefore, was a source for the Counter-Reformation.
Virginia Cox's The Prodigious Muse: Women's Writing in Counter-Reformation Italy is an important contribution to a field about which too little is now written and, conversely, in which women were a strong contemporary presence.
These two apsects of counter-reformation piety--the efforts of personal ascese, the 'disciplined life of religious regularity', and the recourse to the covenanted channels whence flowed divine Grace ex opere operato--are seen once more to come together.
According to Parry, this eclecticism is partly a reflection of the Laudian emphasis on continuity with pre- and Counter-Reformation Christianity (cleansed of superstitious abuses).
Parry prefers "Laudianism"; yet the main title of his book, perhaps overly tendentious, is appropriate; for we are taken into the midst of a Counter-Reformation in England, whose progenitor--he might have been surprised to discover--is Hooker.
First of all, his poems are consistent with John Bossy's thesis that many English Catholics, especially members of the Gentry such as Constable, resisted the reforms and styles of the Counter-Reformation, particularly as promulgated by Jesuits who wrote many of the poems now thought to be representative of Counter-Reformation aesthetics.
And there is also an awesome anthology of religious icons that, with neo-Baroque perspectival tricks, revive the Catholic mysticism of Counter-Reformation art.
And in the Counter-Reformation, the Catholic Church responded just as monopolistic firms typically do--with a corporate reorganization plan.
Next to the new building is the little, modest, but tough (though elegant) San Bernardo chapel, white and Spanish colonial, in a timeless Counter-Reformation style that can be seen from Cadiz to Cartagena.
The collection was particularly rich in tracts and theological works pertaining to the Catholic Counter-Reformation flowing from the Council of Trent (1545-63) as well as the Latin and Greek patristics favored in Counter-Reformation Europe.
Wiesner, "Nuns, Wives, and Mothers: Women and the Reformation in Germany," in Women in Reformation and Counter-Reformation Europe.
They represent the counter-Reformation movement in Europe's religious history.
For example, one yellow box explains what was happening in art during China's Ming Dynasty at the time of Europe's Counter-Reformation.