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the top side of a counter

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Visi-Bin[TM] Gift Card Displays can easily be mounted on pegboard, slatwall custom displays or on counter tops.
We also need help finding new counter top locations.
in Thunder Bay, which fabricates high-end granite counter tops and other products, attended a trade show in Duluth, Minn.
The company also makes a 49"x22" slab with no sink cut-out for use as a modular design system, kitchen counter top or island or as a unique and beautiful table top.
This new acrylic line of counter top display cases has a translucent, clear finish with either a silver or black aluminum framing," explains Sandra Reno, new product marketer for DisplayCases.
In the past, synthetic materials were the only affordable options in counter tops.
AAI's APW Wyott brand, which manufactures primarily counter top products used in cooking, toasting, warming and merchandising food for applications in quick service restaurants, convenience stores, small restaurants and concession areas, was named the 2005 Yum
Brown's clothes were snagged when he walked past, so he pushed and pulled the counter top off the brackets, which are connected to a cement column.
Users of the FBUs can send their counter top and cabinet production orders to the FBU in their area, utilize the state-of-the art machinery on a pay-for-service basis, thereby eliminating the need to acquire the machines before volume requirements necessitate the purchase.
He designed his first concrete counter top in his own home 15 years ago and discovered that the medium can be both functional and artistic.
With manufacturing facilities in Sydney, Nova Scotia is able to produce its large commercial units as well as a counter top model under its own strict manufacturing standards and practices.
It is available for immediate occupancy, and houses a duplexed Icon Stanton kitchen counter top, manufactured in Germany; Philip Stark bathroom fixtures, Italian Botichinni marble in bathrooms, as well as high-end stainless steel appliances and back splash that the discriminating buyer would expect to find in an apartment to their liking.
It has a fold-out counter top and sink unit, fold-out picnic table and fold-down cushion seats.
E[acute accent]In addition to creating these two home/office unit opportunities, Tecno Alta is also eagerly awaiting the completion of Wataire's counter top model designed to meet Mexican market needs for a low priced, compact unit that can produce 12-15 liters of safe drinking water for approximately 5-7 cents per liter.