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Synonyms for counterrevolutionary

a revolutionary whose aim is to reverse the changes introduced by an earlier revolution

marked by opposition or antipathy to revolution

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is proud to initiate the New Counter Revolution by introducing their new line of Individually Wrapped Biscotti and New Display Rack.
Pearse won a posthumous VC after storming an enemy blockhouse in 1919 during the Russian counter revolution but it is Liverpool's SG Pierce who has gone down in history as the hero.
SureTouch is a solution to all of these problems -- a real counter revolution," added Elicker.
Sharaf has joined the counter revolution by not submitting his resignation and should be dealt with accordingly," said Abdel Halim Qandil, ex-coordinator of Kefaya movement for change.
that of reform - while the "cleansing" to get rid of the symbols of the counter revolution is in a race with this reform and the season of exile is flourishing.
His call for what you might call a counter revolution fell on deaf ears, so Spider jacked his job in and scuttled off to India to find himself.
Is it a counter revolution by the old regime or the army is unwilling to protect the revolution?
Workers said that after the 1952 revolution, two labor activists were executed by the revolutionary council when they were accused of being part of the counter revolution.
In an interview with "Al-Ashera Masa'an" talk show broadcast on Dream 2 satellite channel, Sharaf said the government believes there has been a counter revolution behind the recent incidents leading to sectarian strife and chaos.
Around the turn of the century the Cabinet Office wrote a report entitled Counter Revolutions.