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an offer made by someone who has rejected a prior offer

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Today marks the first time EPGL has agreed to put forth a counter offer to since we refused CVI's first offers on May 18, 2015, and I believe it signals that we are drawing closer to finally making a deal.
Ca Immo, for its part, told news agency APA the counter offer was an "emotional reaction" and its own offer was still valid.
Panmure Gordon analyst Alex DeGroote said that in the absence of a counter offer, he now expected a deal with Terra Firma to go through.
But the 23-year-old, who can play anywhere in defence and helped the Spotland club win promotion to League One this season, has been made a counter offer to stay at Rochdale.
A bid battle for video games group Eidos has erupted after SCI Entertainment trumped an earlier agreed takeover of the firm with a pounds 76 million counter offer.
This employment trend has become known as a counter offer.
With that, we would argue that the WellPoint counter offer is actually some $15 million above the Trigon offer due to the fact that Cerulean would not have to pay breakup fees if the revised WellPoint offer were accepted,'' he said.
But Nottingham Forest caretaker-boss Pearce is poised to step in with a counter offer that's sure to appeal to the 31- year-old.
The 3 things you must do to insure you have a firm job offer; when is it appropriate to not give notice when leaving; beware of the deadly counter offer; how to evaluate counter offers and the only 2 times you should ever accept them; real case scenarios of career moves that went well and those that ended badly and could have been prevented; effective tips and strategies to help you negotiate the most important terms of your offer - Case studies of other consultants who effectively evaluated and negotiated a new job opportunity before accepting it, and lessons learned from consultants who failed to do enough due diligence and regretted their decision to leave their company
European Union charter operators are only eligible for traffic rights from Switzerland to destinations outside of the EU if non Swiss operator is prepared and able to provide a counter offer.
He said: "Didier knows our offer, and he has made a counter offer.
Following the approach, the Liverpool-based retailer invited its current management team to make a counter offer, a spokesman revealed.
Blake turned that down but never made a counter offer.
Further details stipulate that TTE must make a counter offer that is equal to, or greater than, the Third Party Offer.
However, in the last seven days you have not made a counter offer to the House tax rate, tax approach or their defined uses of the new revenues.
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