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The TP-N719 counter electrode was made with platinum (Platisol, Solaronix SA) with platinum film cured at room temperature.
Moreover, one can paint a glass slide with carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and consider it as an active electrode (working electrode), which is placed against another similar glass slide which represents a counter electrode.
EIS was performed with a three-electrode setup which included the coated substrate as a working electrode, platinum mesh as a counter electrode, and silver-silver chloride as a reference electrode.
A conventional three-electrodes cell with a pt sheet as counter electrode and saturated calomel (SCE) as reference electrode.
5 wt% NaCI solution using a three-electrode cell with a platinum plate (Pt) as counter electrode and a saturated calomel electrode (SCE) as reference electrode.
KCl) as reference electrode and Pt wire as counter electrode.
A three electrode setup was constructed for this study, where carbon supported electrodes (1cm x 1 cm) were the working electrodes, the counter electrode was the Pt foil (1 cm2) while a saturated calomel electrode (SCE) served as reference electrode .
2]) and the reference electrode, which was put in a bridge containing the same solvent and supporting electrolytes as the solution used, were placed in one compartment while the counter electrode was put in the other compartment.
The reference electrode and the counter electrode were respectively an Hg/HgO electrode and a nickel wire.
1), in which the working electrode 2 is the steel reinforcement, while the counter electrode 3 with the reference electrode 4 are placed in the measuring head 5 on the concrete surface.
In order to study the corrosion of nickel a classical three-electrode cell was used with an Ag/AgCl electrode as reference and a graphite stick as the counter electrode.
Potentiostate can be used as analysis tools for this purpose with the method type is cyclic voltametry and standard electrode Ag/AgCl and counter electrode of platinum (Pt).
They describe dye-sensitized solar cells built on plastic substrates by the low-temperature preparation of semiconductor films, cells based on nitrogen-doped titania electrodes, porphyrins as potential sensitizers, PEO-imidazole ionic liquid oligomer and polymer electrolytes, the counter electrode, the efficiency of electron injection in dye-sensitized semiconductor films, charge transport and interfacial charge transfer in dye-sensitized nanoporous semiconductor electrode systems, and electron transportation and recombination in TiOin2 film for flexible dye-sensitized solar cells.
The scientists found a way to reliably coat single nanowires with a smooth layer of a PMMA-based gel electrolyte that insulates the wires from the counter electrode while allowing ions to pass through.
A graphite counter electrode is provided as standard; optionally, a platinum counter electrode is available.
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