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Synonyms for counterattack

Synonyms for counterattack

an attack by a defending force against an attacking enemy force in order to regain lost ground or cut off enemy advance units etc

(chess) an attack that is intended to counter the opponent's advantage in another part of the board

make a counterattack

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United's defence can expect a rigorous examination next week, but they stood up well to Alkmaar at St James's Park and last night's goalscorer Dyer is also convinced the Dutch will be susceptible to counter attacks because of his and Martins pace.
They played on the counter attack over here and that will probably work well for us because we have the players who can make it work.
We were chasing it and got caught on the counter attack.
They're also very fast and were shutting down our counter attack.
If Sunday's tactics remain the same, the Czechs will sit back and let the Germans take the game to them, relying on the counter attack and again happy to fall back on the lottery of a shootout.
In the second half Mazimbi relied on the counter attacks and managed to equalize in the 35th minute by Aimuna following the absence Merrikh defense line .
But on Wednesday, they fought back with some fierce counter attacks in the dying moments of their match against the Uttar Pradesh Wizards to hold them to a 3- 3 draw in the Hero Hockey India League.
They could not make quick changes to router access lists to counter attacks at the perimeter of their network from suspicious Internet protocol (IP) addresses.
Pace merchants: Maloney says Aiden McGeady (left) and Shunsuke Nakamura can unlock any defence with their quick feet and quality play; Over the counter remedy: Shaun Maloney insists Celtic can profit by hitting sides with quick counter attacks
Yes, it's that time again - a presidential election year full of attacks and counter attacks, of claims and counter claims, of half truths and less-than-half truths, and sometimes no truth at all.
I never thought we would lose, and I thought we were getting close with the counter attacks and we needed a good pass to get us the goal.
Peakflow DoS, Arbor Networks' flagship availability solution, detects and traces DoS attacks and then recommends filters and committed access rate parameters that network operators can implement to counter attacks quickly, greatly minimizing the impact on users.
Shamir will return to CHES 2000 to discuss how to counter attacks against smart cards, soon to become a central tool in e-commerce and other applications.