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Synonyms for countersignature

a second confirming signature endorsing a document already signed


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Ryan has written a letter - counter signed by an MP, six MSPs and an Aberdeenshire councillor - to chief executive Colin MacKenzie.
The draft, which has been counter signed by eight members of the European Parliament, said that the European Union (EU) is concerned about the developments in South Asia, particularly Pakistan.
Brooke also uses EchoSign to manage vendor contracts--"prior to EchoSign, it wasn't easy to manage my contracts with vendors because there was always a lag between the time I signed the contract and the time I received the counter signed copy.
Entries must be counter signed by both the nominated teacher and the Head teacher.
You can't just go into a gun shop and buy a gun, you need a licence and that has to be counter signed by a professional like a doctor or a policeman.