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Synonyms for countersignature

a second confirming signature endorsing a document already signed


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Each Scanther kit comes with a smart counter sign, 2 smart decals, 2 smart window clings, and a hosted mobile site to facilitate social media interaction with customers.
Feher was quoted as saying "that with a few changes in the structure of the offer, Members Service Corporation would more than likely counter sign the Agreement".
According to the Motor Vehicle Act, a permit granted by Transport Authority of one state is not valid in another state unless the other state counter signs such a permit.
Point of sale support includes a variety of counter signs, wall signs, floor clings and more.
And unless men accept the ageing process, those in their 50s should not hesitate to consult beauty and health experts to counter signs of ageing.
The platinum styles will be featured in Helzberg's advertising as well as in-store brochures and counter signs.