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a return punch (especially by a boxer)

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Realising his faux pas, Whalley, to his credit, and in the wake of the previous day's speculation that Colin Todd might also have been in the frame, attempted a quick counter punch with 'You don't know which Colin, though, do you?
Veteran striker Steve Butler caught Torquay out with a classic counter punch late on as PETERBOROUGH won 1-0 to keep in touch with the leaders of the pack.
A couple of months ago, Counter Punch, the newsletter edited by Ken Silverstein and myself, took a detailed look at the complicity of groups like Edelman's.
Stan had found a chink in Carter's defence and was convinced he could win with a right-hand counter punch, which he practised in sparring until he was punch perfect.
But nine months on, they meet again and Mathews insists he will be a completely different animal to the one who tried to counter punch his smaller rival.
Vijender started off cautiously and executed counter punch strategy.
His opponent wanted to brawl from the outset but Duran was effective with the counter punch and stopped the American in the third with an uppercut.
He has an attacking style, which will make for a great fight because Robbie loves to counter punch, and it looks to be a great mesh of styles.
Devlin rattled in his second goal to put Blues ahead - but then came Bull's killer counter punch.
He can't fight against people who counter punch, like Martinez.