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Synonyms for counterpoint

striking difference between compared individuals


Synonyms for counterpoint

a musical form involving the simultaneous sound of two or more melodies

to show differences when compared

write in counterpoint

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The counter point is nuclear may ultimately be cleaner, more efficient and the most cost effective option in a world of declining fossil fuels.
The counter point is that if the method can become economically successful (which we think is likely), the corporate returns would be greater because of the product concentration.
LightSpeed makes managing a retail business as easy as click, drag and drop, and features a powerful front counter point of sale solution.
Counter point -- if molecule acquisitions are now expensive, you should not be in the overheated market buying expensive prospects.
The first contract is to provide the InfoLogix PowerCube solution for DTG's new Rental Counter Point of Sale (POS) system at over 450 DTG corporate store locations throughout North America.
The "Point Counter Point on the Economy" opening session is scheduled from 8:30 a.
The cyclists pedaled an astounding array of bikes, including long tails, short tails, cycle trucks, counter points and Dutch-style bikes with buckets in front.
The cyclists pedaled an astounding array of cycles, including long tails, short tails, cycle trucks, counter points and Dutch-style bikes with buckets in front.
Mr Smith, the MP for Pontypridd, believes he should have been allowed on Thursday evening's show to counter points made by Tory backbencher Jesse Norman and Liberal Democrat deputy leader Simon Hughes.
2: Four out of half a dozen or so bank counter points closed while the rest of the staff wonder around aimlessly, sniffily ignoring the huge lunchtime queue of customers.
You should be prepared with several counter points.
K=1AA1A1&Q=533) where executives from Cisco, Intel and Forrester Research discuss and dispel the five myths of wireless networks and present in-depth counter points to demonstrate the business value of pervasive wireless deployments.
Beginning October 15, Counter Points, a permanent addition to Marriott Rewards, allows the membership to earn program points whenever they fly United Airlines, British Airways, and/or rent from Hertz.
Counter Points will be awarded simply by presenting a Marriott Rewards card or membership number "at the counter" prior to departure, or at time of reservation.
Counter Points on British Airways must be requested at time of reservation.